Mercury drugstore and a resto in shang

There were so many people at the counter waiting to be served it was daunting. I almost gave up but persisted, as I didn’t know how much I should give hhb if I asked her to buy by herself. I was scared I wouldn’t be seen, being low but after some time, a well dressed woman asked for my list. I asked if she were the manager and she smiled. Before long I saw her taking a call and wondered about my list when a male personnel stood in front of me with the items in my list. Shortly after manager came back and said she had let Carlo attend to me as he works fast. Nice of her.

while awaiting my turn a lady came offering cecin zinc: get one box of 30 and get 15 free. i did and saved some P200 plus as a result. Not a bad deal at all.


all errands done met up with husband at a resto.  not saying where as I know the owner who was not there though. If I could I would like to tell her a few things:

service was very slow. and at one point I saw two personnel munching on food. True they were near the counter and not serving then but it just didn’t feel right somehow.

why am I not telling? I guess I do not want to rock the boat? I want to eat there without having to worry that the personnel will get back at me for squealing on them.

What would you do? What do you think I should do? Tell the owner and never ever eat there? For all I know she’ll not find anything amiss about their eating while at work in full view of the customers — in which face I would feel so embarrassed, so nitpicker-like?


Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 7.08.32 AM


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