Brazilian Cheese Bread – I prefer this recipe!



I followed the advice of  a reader  re diminishing the amount of flour, for instance. But I didn’t shape the batter into balls, instead I filled muffin pans with the batter. Yes, I am a sloth.

The finished product (Oh I am so proud): Top and bottom views

photo 2 photo 1

Looks like hash browns, no? I am sure it’s not perfect but I’m quite happy with it. I used Kraft cheddar cheese and aged edam cheese (it has black wax under (frico brand?) from Rustan’s. Can’t wait for husband and son to try it. yes, son will be planing in tonight. Yes, this is meant to welcome him home. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Brazilian Cheese Bread – I prefer this recipe!

  1. I will. Isasama ko eto sa mga ibe-bake namin ni Sam, who, by the way, is so enamored on Fran’s book. She’s so excited to try yung mga recipes dun. Thank you so much.

    • Really? That’s good. Funny because when son tried yesterday’s batch, he said he also liked the previous one that didn’t rise well. That was simpler to do actually so you might want to try that with Sam too. I think it didn’t rise well was that we underbaked it and kept removing it from the oven to check if it was all right. yesterday, we cooked the bread 35 minutes straight. One of these days will try the first version again.

    • HI TPS. Yes, yes, yes! He’s home and he ate I lost count of how many of these cheese bread. But even more, I’m so very glad he’s back!

      (I still have tapioca flour, thank you! Try this recipe – it’s quite good. Add if you like cheese, put in a lot.)

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