Chef Jessie’s 100

It is a revolving restaurant perched on the topmost floor of the Mercury Building in Eastwood. The house bread is good, the better one for me being the dinner roll; for son the ciabatta . The dip was unique and worked very well.

Ordered canapes – a platter has two of each kind: ham, salmon and bacon chips. Son ordered lamb kebab, medium well. Tough he said. But flavorful otherwise. The past days I was not too enamoured with the idea of eating dark meat so I ordered cheese with mushroom and spinach souffle and a trio of sandwiches – adobo, egg salad and tuna. These were served with french fries. Nothing special here. The three tasted so homemade. The souffle was good, very tasty. But I think you should share even just a regular order because it is so rich you’ll be hard put to finish an entire order. I shared mine with husband and son. Husband ordered fish and chips. Not too exciting either. For dessert we had the macapuno torta. It was okay, nothing spectacular.

But we’re willing to give the resto another try. Perhaps we just ordered the wrong entrees?

The revolving nature of the resto was fascinating to say the least. Maybe it was psychological but initially I thought I was feeling queasy about its turning. Then I got used to it. See the non-food pictures? They were the different aspects visible to my right as the portion where we were turned while the center of the resto remained stationary. Husband took a Go Pro video of the view outside the glass panes. Quite a sight. Here it is:

The resto wasn’t full but had a sizable crowd so it might be best to reserve a table. We went around 5:30 and finished by 7:30. By then the resto had made a full revolution and we saw what it offered from sunset to evening. A good time to go, if I may say so myself.

Some photos:

ImageThe kitchen

ImageImagephoto 2photo 2(2)photo 1(3)

photo 4(2)the souffle

photo 3(4)

the macapuno torta

ImageThe dip

ImageMy sandwiches.ImageLamb kebab

canapes photo 1(1)Sorry for the dizzying layout of the pictures – no pun intended viz the nature of the resto


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