DHL in P2 of Power Plant

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 8.32.27 AM

Julie attended to me. Days before I had called and the girl who took my call then was equally nice. Julie is such a gem, very patient. She asked me what I was sending and when I said a shell bling-bling, she paused. Real shell? How big? There’s this thing about sending marine-based things. You need a certificate or something. Uggh. I was about to open the present to show her when I remembered having taken a photo of the bling-bling for this blog. I showed it to her, she called someone and said she’d just put “accessories”. Whew.

She had me check out the address she had printed. I noticed a missing line – not her fault but son’s who had written the address which she had copied. Without any sign of impatience, she printed a revised copy.

She is just so nice and pleasant. While I was checking out what she wrote, she asked the lady beside me if she was going to send something to and to wait, all these while smiling.

Nice to have met someone who knows what she’s doing and does it happily, with a smile.


DHL is in the escalator area of P2. Across it is Lyric which sells guitars and other music paraphernalia.

Its phone number is  890-6812. Best to call before preparing a package for mailing to find out what products may not be sent to a particular destination and the rates for 1k, 2k, etc. I hate painful surprises which was why I called several times prior to finally going there. What’s the word for kulit again?


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