Resorts World then on to Naia

Last Friday we went to pick up son at Naia 1. We left the house in Loyola Heights at 730 pm and by 815 we were in the area of Resorts World. While I wanted to go to the airport straight away because I felt one could never tell with the traffic, husband said it was too early. So we went to Resorts World where parking was full, making it necessary for us to wait a little. Parked on the third level which has no direct access to the mall, so we had to go down to the second floor via one of two elevators at the parking area. There we saw restos galore, no shops at all. There’s a Sumo Sam where New Orleans(?) used to be. Also saw Crisostomo’s and Johnny Chow. Tao Yuan was still there.  Red Crab was there too. As we had already had dinner at home, it was dimsum for us at Johnny Chow.

photo 1 (2)

As is my wont, I asked who owns JC – Florabel Co Yatco and the owner of Sumo Sam, I think but not Marvin. Ms. Yatco also owns Crisostomo’s. So it was like a family thing out there.

Of all the restos of FCY that I’ve tried, I like JC the best. We had scallop dimsum, asado siopao, spare ribs and Karma chameleon. Don’t trust my spelling on the latter but it’s fried wonton with duck and pate de foie and a balsamic drizzle. Husband was impressed by everything and kept saying “okay dito”. Karma chameleon below:

photo 2 (1)


Dinner over we were off for the airport by 930 and got there by 955. There were road works along the way but not enough to be agonizing. The Cathay Pacific plane’s arrival was delayed by some 8 minutes per their website so husband’s hope that we’d just pass through arrival and get son was not to be.

As we looked for a parking slot, husband repeatedly said “We deserve the title world’s worst airport”. The parking area was messy – no rhyme nor reason. It was just a big lot with vehicles taking whatever space was available. Double parking, criss-cross parking, yes, no rhyme nor reason at all. At one point we witnessed a security guard haplessly running after two young boys. No, he didn’t catch him in the maze. No idea either why the chase.

Later as we parked near a building near Jollibee, husband contemplated on what to do as soon as son’s plane arrived. How would son find us? Should he meet him somewhere? Then I noticed this long haired month (shoulder length hair) looking intently at our vehicle. Like he was checking something? What to get? How to get it? No, he didn’t peek through the glass windows, he was just looking. I pointed him out to husband who said he’d just text son on how to get to us. Luckily that man moved on.

At 10:08, son texted that his plane had just landed but it took him maybe half an hour or more to get to us. Husband recalled watching Richard Quest reporting from the airport in HK that it took him 10 minutes after the plane landed to get out of it.


In fairness to NAIA 1, the interior according to son has improved. Hope they fix the parking soon.


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