FB concerns

Drat. I cannot go to my FB account now. A friend’s brother tagged her in a photo of a ceiling where a gecko is. Years back, a huge snake was seen on our garage wall. Son took a picture and I’d scream whenever I saw that picture on his wall.

I can’t wait for other posts on my wall/timeline or whatever is called so that the picture of that oh so colorful gecko won’t confront me any longer. Arrrrrgh.


I was looking for a picture to be made into a selfie postage stamp when I chanced upon many others but none worthy to be in a selfie stamp. Three years ago spells a lot of difference, I now realize. My face was smaller, so were the faces of my friends. Time can be so harsh. And I’m not even vain.

I’ve run out of things to write about but I cannot go back to my FB account because of that gecko. Sigh……

I’ll resume watching a Korean movie in gooddrama.net: Queen of the Night. It’s not picking up yet. Has anyone seen the said movie?



4 thoughts on “FB concerns

  1. Takot ako dati sa gecko kasi nahulog sya sa arm ng friend ko and wouldn’t let go. Pero when we moved here in Dumags, nasanay na ako there’s always one entering our room. Nakakagulantang lang when they make the sound while we’re sleeping.

  2. Ay ang weird, or maybe it’s a family thing. Papa used an air rifle or something to shoot them down while all of us would rush to our rooms. One time i heard one making tu-ko sounds in the bedroom. I was in college or high school — would you believe Mama slept with me that night until the gecko was found? This one on my friend’s wall was sosyal – parang orange ang spots against gray brown. I really don’t like reptiles.

  3. Sarah loves geckos! Kahit butiki nga lang aliw na siya, binibilang pa niya dati sa Bohol. She was actually amazed at their camouflage.Geckos are pretty–I saw blue and green ones. Basta huwag silang babagsak sa akin, hehe.

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