Yesterday (8 March 2014) was International Woman’s Day. Received a text from Marks & Spencer that women’s wear and lingerie would be sold at 20% off. I didn’t want to miss that so while husband stayed in the condo to watch the Ateneo-La Salle volleyball game, I went to M&S in Power Plant. Bummers both.

My would have been fun shopping was marred by husband’s text: the Skycable connection to our unit was kaput, so he couldn’t watch the game. I wanted to call my sister to ask if husband could go to her place but wasn’t sure where their TV is located. Bedroom? that would be an invasion of privacy, so plan aborted even before it could be requested of sister.

But that bit of dire news really ruined my afternoon. You pay for cable you seldom get to use and then when you want to use it, it’s kaput? I texted husband maybe we should just have it disconnected. NR, no reaction. An indication he was not too sure he agreed, I guess. I let that pass.

At M&S, I had my Purple Card checked. A Purple Card is a gift certificate (?) I got from sister. It can be used in any SSI store. So what was the bummer? Cashier said I had to use all of it in a one-time transaction if I wanted to use at all it to pay for my purchases. I was aghast. Was this some resto where running balances in a GC (Gift certificate) aren’t allowed? All or nothing? Then she explained that their system was kaput and a transaction using the PC would have to be done manually. Shucks. I think my countenance became even more clouded after hearing that. She said I could use it in other SSI stores, I just kept quiet. Computerization really has its downside — right? I recall how in the past Rustan’s had GC’s and the running balances would just be penned in at the back, I think? By a human hand, not by a machine. Oh well. I paid for my purchase with a credit card and my PC remains unused. No, it will not expire, I was assured. I was just grousing, I guess, because I was hoping not to have to shell out money for my purchases yesterday. So bummer.


Went to Washington (watch store on R1) to have son’s watched repaired. The number 6 had fallen near some other number and the watched seemed to have stopped working.

Okay Washington. The last time I went there for I don’t know which watch, the repair person said he didn’t have the tool to pry the watch open. Fine. Yesterday, he said he didn’t have the glue to stick the 6 onto its place. Huh? But he said once the 6 is put in place, the watch would work. I asked where I could have it repaired. He said there’s Asprey on P1 across Bruno’s. So we went there but only after checking out Kenneth Cole, where sister, upon Papa’s instruction, had bought the watch for son. Yes, the watch has a sentimental value attached to it. Papa’s last gift to my son. Anyway…

At KC I was told to bring the watch to a shop in 6750. Ah, by now you know that for me, going to that part of Makati is a chore. So I decided to check out Asprey.

Watch repair guy at Asprey said he could do the 6, Charge would be P250. Then he said but the watch is no longer working, the battery needed to be replaced. The night before son had reminded me the batter had been replaced a few months before. But at Asprey, man showed it was mahina. Charge for battery  P350. I was too tired to argue so I said yes. There was one other customer there, a foreigner. Girl personnel said to just come back after 30 minutes. I said okay.

After dinner at Chili’s, went back to Asprey. Guy said the strap was kaput. What? He said maybe that’s why the watch’s 6 fell off, maybe the watch had been dropped. He said he tried to glue the strap’s flap but the glue wouldn’t stick. The flap was wet/sticky — would it not really stick after some time? But like I said I was too exhausted to argue. So I chose a strap. P650.Husband was with me this time, not HHB who had gone to pick up a toy I had gift-wrapped in Baby Company.

Back in Asprey, my thought: I think that will be the last time I’ll go there. Reflecting on my experience,  I now realize it’s like I had my car’s fuse put back in place, and then was told the fan belt was also kaput and the car battery as well. Get the drift? Arrgh. I don’t know if it’s true that Asprey and Lucerne are sister companies. If they are, that’s sad.

And oh yes, though I was a bit distressed/depressed by what that guy was dishing out, I remembered to ask for the kaput battery and the kaput strap back. He said “Yung buckle ng sirang strap linagay ko diyan sa bagong strap. So original ang buckle na yan.” I was just too dismayed to think beyond what he said, but why on earth did he do that?

Really, it will be the last time I will go there. They do minor repairs of lower end watches, he said. I wonder now – what  if I had just gone to 6750– would service have been more straightforward and not con-like? I really felt conned yesterday. I hope the owner of Asprey reads this and investigates how things are run out there. Via an anonymous customer.


Dinner at Chili’s was okay; when I got there I asked if they were showing the volleyball game. Girl said yes but it was over. Husband who was there already waiting for me said he arrived too late (MEN!!!) and saw the scores being beamed when he came. His school lost. Earlier, when he texted that the signal in condo was kaput, I had suggested he go to CHili’s where son does when he’s in Makati and his school has an exciting game being shown. OH well, luckily, husband was able to watch the replay when we got home.


As earlier mentioned, bought a toy at Baby Company. Luckily for me, the store has very helpful personnel. I like Roma in particular.  She is very nice, very helpful, very efficient.



6 thoughts on “Various

  1. Really? Watch batteries here really sell for an arm and a leg. Swatch charges less than Washington does. Re the man, I guess you’re right; there was just something in the way he was approaching the whole issue that bugged me. 😦

  2. Re strap, nangyari na sa akin dati yung ganun, I tried gluing it with heavy-duty rugby, to no avail. I’m thinking maybe it absorbed sweat. Might Bond might work, but it stiffens leather.
    I think the watch guy placed the original buckle para mukha pa ring yun yung original strap. It doesn’t really make any real sense, other than for aesthetics’ sake, but that’s what I do — I save the buckle and put it back. Pero sobrang mahal ng battery change nila ha, given that an original Maxell battery is <100.

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