Freezing Food

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Time was when all the freezer contained were ice, ice cream, raw meat. Back in 1978 when my mother died, I was in the car with my sister and her sister-in-law. Of all things discussed, it had to be bread frozen in the freezer and then heated like new. I wasn’t convinced and wasn’t in the habit of freezing bread until I started buying in bulk from Jipan. As I could go to Jipan only once in a while, I had to buy in bulk and what to do? HHA said, freeze. And this has meant months of heated Jipan bread tasting like brand new. Even cake we sometimes freeze and since a few months back, cheese. Now why cake? Sometimes, we suddenly have too many to consume quickly. Why cheese? because like bread I buy it in bulk, unable as I am to go to S&R to buy just one, then go back to buy another, regularly. So yes, we freeze cheese and worry no more about getting molds on them that make them look like blue cheese or Stilton even when they aren’t.

Last Christmas, husband received a small bottle of pate de foie gras from a co-worker. It was so  good that I bought a bottle somewhere that wasn’t as good I regretted it. Then I remembered Pakoy’s pate which cousin gifted me years back. In my wish to be able to eat it over a longer period, I ate only a little at a time. That time, we stored it in the refrigerator and before long, molds beat me to the pate. Sigh.

My supply consumed by end December, I looked up Pakoy and decided to order. Minimum was three containers at P300 plus each. I dreaded consuming just one and the rest’s spoiling as I knew I wouldn’t be able to finish them in two weeks, the time Pakoy said they’d stay good. But I just had to have pate. So I googled and read that some of those who made them at home actually froze their excess. I rationalized – I’d order 3 containers from Pakoy and freeze the two. Guess what? I’m onto my second container and it’s still good!!! My research/experiment has paid off.

As for freezing cheese, I verified from a friend in the Netherlands where a lot of great cheese is made and she said she thought freezing cheese would be all right. I also verified from a friend who brought me cheese from her trip abroad and she said as much. So there. I try not to be reckless and do research before I do something new, sometimes.

Freeze food? Why not?


11 thoughts on “Freezing Food

    • Hi Karen. Best to thaw and
      Hen heat. Years back I ate in a famous resto in antipolo. Ordered lasagna. The container was hot, the pasta was cold. Not good. Some suggest thawing inside the ref to avoid contamination. You can also thaw using a microwave oven.

  1. What’s that again? Frozen truffle cheese? May ganun? It’s not a spread? Na inggit. Actually there’s a cheese spread na truffle sold in Bacchus Epicerie in Power Plant. If it could be sent without spoiling I’d have sent you na. It’s so good. How liberating to have a big freezer no? Sarap ng feeling nang (ng) nakatipid sa B1T1.

  2. For the longest time, our ref was defective and not cooling properly (kasi naman that was the ref we got after we got married) — sira ang gasket yata. Finally, around same time last year, we bought a new one, one with bigger freezer, and it was like I discovered some new magic. Hahahaha! Pag may sale or B1T1 ang Rob, I buy as much as I can and just freeze them. So hanggang ngayon, I still have frozen truffle cheese.

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