From the timeline of a friend Mary Ann in Facebook: Warning re Freebies in malls



Warning to Senior Citizens regarding Freebies

Updated 8 hours ago
I went home last Sunday evening and Nana, our 73 yrs old cook and 2nd nanay was excited with all the free items she got at the Pavillion Mall at Mandaluyong in the morning of March 10. Who wouldn’t she be – she won a massage chair, an electric weighing scale, an infrared facial massager, a healthy ozonizer, silver cutlery and a Multi-purpose cooker plus an umbrella and a facial massager.

She also won a discount coupon of P2,000 that can be used to buy their Water purifier for P59,700! She only had 1k, but the guys at Univox particularly Robert brought her home before lunch time with the winnings and so she can get her ATM which she is actually the savings of her niece.

They then talked to my Mom who was willing to issue a check but the UNIVOX ENTERPISE people declined it and so they asked for a credit card which they did not allow bec it was not a GOLD BPI credit card. So ATM of Nana was swiped and she even gave a her pin no.

I called up the guy and he did not want to entertain me on the phone, all company numbers were fictitious and really it was a SCAM clearly! Same evening I brought her to the police for a blotter….but they said it should be in Makati police station because the transaction was consummated in our residence and not in the Mandaluyong mall.

Hayyyy, so I went early morning to the Mall and let loose a storm…to cut the story short, I made sure Nana got back her money!


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