Selfie postage stamps!

Last Sunday, I saw this photo in Starweek, the Sunday magazine of Philippine Star.



I got in touch with the subject and said I found the stamp “cool”, which it really is. Apparently I hadn’t read the article because I didn’t know anyone could have a selfie stamp made soon. (I don’t read magazine articles too much for the font’s being too small – excuses, I know). She asked me to send a photo of myself or the family to be made into one. Do I show what I chose here? Sige, anyway no one except for my friends will read this. Because it’s so ridiculous it should be shared.

Ah.. on second thought, I’ll not post our family picture lest a nemesis see it, but this was the top portion of the said photo:


Stupid, right? I was just thinking – favorite picture of the family, without thought of where it was taken. Singapore? On a Philippine postage stamp? Ridiculous. Earlier, when I was saying I’d send that, husband said, why not the picture of the three of us in a bus stop in Dijon? I said I didn’t like that picture because not one of us was smiling. He said but the composition is nice – he took it – self-we. Anyway, on hindsight, husband’s suggestion was as ridiculous. Said photo was not locally taken.

Then I thought, ah, so it should be a locally taken photo. What better than to send son’s photo astride a carabao? How much more Filipino can a picture get? So I sent it to my friend. But guess what? And again this faux pas of mine smacks from not looking at details well enough. The  photo would be beside the post office building in the stamp. A carabao beside the post office building. Another ridiculous thought? Harebrained? Though, come to think of it, in Bacolod, in front of the provincial capitol is a lagoon where wades a carabao, if memory serves me right.

Here’s the picture of the carabao in the lagoon:


Here’s a photo of the provincial capitol:


Oops, where did the carabao go? Maybe it’s on the side? Basta.

To go back to the search of a photo for the selfie stamp:

I suggested other photos to husband and he said it should be carefully taken. So he didn’t help me choose and I couldn’t decide which from my small pool of pictures.

Story ended with no photo chosen, ergo, no selfie/selfwe stamp for us.

Here’s an article on the PhilPost project – I couldn’t find the one in Starweek, but I guess the article in the broadsheet itself should suffice:

Personalized stamps cooler than selfie – PhlPost

By Evelyn Macairan (The Philippine Star) | Updated February 25, 2014 – 12:00am

MANILA, Philippines – What’s cooler than a “selfie” this summer?

A personalized stamp.

Philippine Postal Corp. (PhlPost) postmaster general Josefina de la Cruz yesterday said by the time the summer season starts next month, their personalized stamp issuing photo booths would have rolled out in some of the country’s international airports and tourist destinations.

The project is in coordination with the Department of Tourism (DOT), according to De la Cruz, since they are targeting tourists who would be spending their summer vacation in the Philippines.

She said they would make the photo booths initially available in Baguio City, Boracay, Chocolate Hills in Bohol and the Underground River in Palawan.

They also hope to do business during international conventions.

Headlines ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1

At the moment, there is only one photo booth at the PhlPost Central Office in Liwasang Bonifacio in Manila.

Costing P250 and measuring 30 mm x 40 mm, the personalized stamps would be in se-tenant format or two stamps joined together.

They can be used to mail letters or kept as souvenirs.

The personalized stamp is just one of three projects under the “Juan Click” program of PhlPost.

The two others are the Pinoy e-mail and the PhlPost mobile app for social pension payout.


4 thoughts on “Selfie postage stamps!

  1. Sam is collecting stamps and I’m sure she’s gonna love this concept. It’s official, my 10-year old girl is a dork. A very loveable dork. I should check the local post office.

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