Mothering and Doctors

Remember son’s being diagnosed with BPPV in HK? Because the doctor there said he should see a doctor here and his boss also encouraged him to do so, son went through the motions. He succeeded in getting an appointment in MC in Pasig but was 20 minutes late and the doctor was no more. (Son came from work) So unusual if memory serves me right. IN the past when i’d go to the pedia, I’d wait forever for her to arrive: late and she’d have a slew of patients waiting too. So this experience of my son was new to me.

Failing to see the scheduled doctor, he went to the ER. A doctor checked him up and prescribed medicine. Again he was told to see an ENT.

He thought he could go yesterday only to find out the doctor would not be in. So he scheduled an appointment for today and finally saw a specialist. So many tests to undergo I’m so scared waiting for the results, maybe more scared than son. He underwent a few today but has to go back on Monday for s, wait I have to check my phone. The spelling is a handful: videonstagmography. Though the results of those tests he underwent have yet to be released, the doctor said he can play basketball and go biking. I’m surprised son remembered to ask. Actually when he first had dizzy spells, those were his major worries – that he might no longer be able to  do both.

I”m praying all the test results will be happy ones. Please help me pray. So far, he said, he passed the hearing tests so I told him now he has no excuse not to say he didn’t hear me. An older friend of mine said I shouldn’t show son how worried I am, so I try. I really do.



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