Okay, choose your wild. Why did I go shopping today? I haven’t been for over 10 days already, I think. And that’s a crime. I rationalize.

The anxiety of waiting for my son’s VNTG results plus a confluence of other issues I’d rather not write about because I don’t want to think of them made me declare to myself I should leave the four walls of my room.

I texted the Wheelmobile early today, like 7 a.m. and was told the vehicle was booked. I pleaded – just in case someone cancels, can you send it over? Yes, Marife said. I bargained – I’ll just ask to go to Megamall briefly and then to be dropped in Shangrila; husband can pick me up from there. The WM can even come at 2 or 3 pm. Marife said she’ll keep me posted. Actually the range I gave time-wise was not a ruse; our car is color-coded today, so imagine if I had insisted on going at 11 a.m., how long before I could go home?

Around 2, I texted again and asked what the status was. I wanted to prepare early enough so I could leave as soon as the WM came. Marife said Mang Roger wasn’t answering his phone. Soon after, MR called and said he was on his way. Alleluia.

I scrapped Megamall from my list because I called MCS re a shirt I wanted to get son and they didn’t have it on stock. I decided I could postpone buying a bedskirt till my Jipan bread ran out. The last time I looked around, nary a store in Shangrila had bedskirts for sale.

MR arrived around 3:40. By 3:45 we were off. By 4:15, I was in heaven, oops, Shangrila. With HHB.

I asked MR to drop us off in the new wing. I wanted to get something for the Bergamo guy whom I had pressured to have a polo barong ready in 24 hours and he had delivered. But before reaching Krispy Kreme, I saw Me&U. So I asked HHB to leave me there and instructed her to leave her stool in the customer service section of Rustan’s Supermarket. A stool? Yes, a white one she brings whenever we ride the WM. She doesn’t like to sit under the aircon as the heat it exhales (exhausts? exudes?) makes her dizzy.

Krispy Kreme is on the LG level of the East Wing. I instructed HHB to use the elevator, get off the ground floor where we had landed when we arrived – a reverse process in other words. She looked puzzled, I prayed she wouldn’t get lost.

At Me&U I saw so many cute things I wanted to buy but I’m trying to be less of a spendthrift. Bring those eyebrows down. I got two rubber coasters that I thought were cute – possible gifts for a friend. HHB still wasn’t around.

photo 1 photo 2

Then I saw this pillowcase around a pillow that read something like – “No one gets rich sleeping”. Eureka moment. I got both the pillow and pillow case to give as a college graduation gift for nephew. Cheapskate? But I don’t want to give him tired presents – ballpen, wallet, perfume, tie, etc. I just hope he’ll use it. Sometimes you give a gift and no matter how carefully it was chosen, you get the same reaction you would have, had you chosen a more  mundane one. Here’s how the pillow and case were packaged:

photo 3

Anyway, even after I had decided on the gift, HHB still hadn’t come. I called her on the cellphone and she answered; I asked where she was, she didn’t answer. Uh-oh. I called again. She said she was on the ground floor. Remember I was on LG. Guess what she asked, “Makadto ko da? O sige.” And she sounded irked.

Huh? As in wow, should I have been the one to go to her? I was floored. It took a while for her to get to me. After several attempts to get her to tell me what her route was, she gave me the lowdown: from LG earlier, she went up to the 6th floor when I had told her to go to the ground floor, cross the street to the old mall and go to the basement. Anyway, after going up to the 6th floor, she transferred elevators and went to the basement of the old wing. Going back, she took the same route. She got off on the ground floor of east wing and that’s when I got to talk to her. Then she sounded like she was blaming me, saying she took the stairs to the lower ground. Aish…

I was famished by then and decided to have merienda with her. Ah wait, I got a few things from Krispy Kreme. As is my wont when I’m in KK, I got intimidated. For one, the display of donuts et al. was a bit tight so I just pointed to the non-donut items I could see. ergo, I bought the kouin aman (curious how it compares with Brasserie Cicou’s and Jipan’s), muffins with bacon and cheese (2) and sausage and cheese (1), and cheese puff pastry. Have yet to try them as I type this. Tomorrow at breakfast.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3(the one in the KK paper bag was a honey glazed donut that the young lady gave me – complimentary, she said. happy me.)

Back to merienda with HHB. Would have wanted some dimsum but on the LG, there was only Wee Nam Kee that sold anything remotely Chinese. I didn’t relish eating anything sweet but something more filling. Pancit. Hong Kong Fried noodles, the waiter suggested. I’d have wanted the Birthday noodles but he said the HK fried noodles was better. Later I found out the difference lay in the fact that the birthday one has quail eggs and asado – I’d have liked that. But just the same, his recommendation was quite good. One of these days, I’ll order from WNK through 87878 so I can try the other entrees. When the place as newly opened in Shang, we had eaten there and found it wanting. But the pancit today (yesterday as I type this) was quite good, and had lots of meat, veggies (owwsss= bring down those eyebrows, C) etc.

Heavily laden with our purchases, I thought of going to True Value so we could “deposit” them. Looked around after leaving our stuff in TV’s customer service but found nothing to buy.

Went to Blue Kitchen. But wait, it wasn’t across Sumo Sam any longer. Ooh, there it was, beside I forget what (Mongkok?), but on the same side as C2. The stuff I had reserved weeks back were no longer reserved so I decided not to get them anymore.

Went to Rustan’s 3rd floor to choose a wedding gift for a couple close to husband. Got a list from the Bridal Registry. It was but a one-page list and the cheapest choice was wine glass at P179, I think. They needed 6. But there were some really expensive items upward of P50k! I didn’t even check what these items were; because seeing how expensive they were made me decide not to bother about them. Ended up getting two pillows that were listed. Actually, there were cute Pyrex items I’d have wanted to get for the couple but the person attending to me discouraged me. She said if I did that, the couple will just exchange them for something else. So that was that.

While waiting for the pillows to be wrapped, I chanced upon dainty  jusi place mats with blue embroidery. There were also jusi napkins. I think each place mat cost P300 plus (P276 discounted), the napkins came in boxes of 2’s at roughly the same price (P316 discounted). Bonus: they were selling at 20% off.

The pillows’ (first wedding gift) being huge took a while to be wrapped. As I wasn’t pressured to go home fast since MR had been dismissed and husband was picking me up past 7 yet, I asked, “Do you have bed skirts?” I was expecting a “no” as I had asked previously and gotten that answer. Was I surprised when Marjorie said they did have. I was so pleased until initially, she said they only had king size. I had wanted a queen. Then she looked again and found queen size, dark brown. And beige. Only the white bed skirts didn’t have queen size which was fine by me. I preferred the two other colors.

The purchases done, in true typical Rustan’s fashion, the wrapping man offered to bring our purchases to the car but as the car wasn’t yet around, I said I’d leave them first. We left Rustan’s after checking out some creations of Patis Tesoro. So avant garde though decidedly Filipino, so expensive, an open jacket/coat – whatever it’s called selling at P45k. There was a bag shaped like a sando selling at P8k. And there was a blouse with holes and flowers – okay holes resembling eyelet, selling for P8k also, I think. Nice. But not for me. It’s something you can use to a lunch with friends, but not to a wedding or anything formal. Material – cotton. Plus you’ll need an undergarment to camouflage those holes.

Had dinner at Galbi (again! -Susan, if you see a promo involving Galbi, please tell me!). For the second time, they didn’t have galbi jim again – tomorrow, the young lady told me. It takes time to cook, she furthered. So we ordered — by now you know what we always do: bibimbap, hameul pajeon and in lieu of galbi jim, galbi tang. GT is nowhere as good as GJ. GT’s meat is tougher and as it’s a soup (with thick noodles like chap chae’s) rather than a stew, it’s not as tasty. And it has litid (ligaments).


C and TPS, I saw a poster, a huge one of Zanotti in East Wing. It was of a lady wearing these sandals or something very similar. I’m being haunted: (Ang mahal pala, buti di ko type!)

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 9.43.32 AM

9 thoughts on “Shopping

  1. Shucks… ugghhh. I’d have died. I can empathize with you and S. So where’s the creature now???????? Still lurking in the shadows?????????

  2. Hahaha, at least we have something in common with Bo Derek, we love to shop! Hay, good luck sa gecko. Is there no poison for them? Uh oh, are there animal rights people reading this comment? I hope not or I’m dead. But really! You can even tell from the poop? Ugghhh. So what did D do? Did he become your knight in shining armor, or did S? Baka bayawak yun!

    • Drake wasn’t home yet. Etong si S, I asked her, “anak, please quietly open the door and don’t bang it on the wall. There’s a tuko and I want to go out of here without disturbing it.” Nakuuuu, nung makita yung tuko, nagtatakbo and sumigaw!!! A rat leaving a sinking ship! There you go, “bayawak” — I’ve been trying to remember the word for monitor lizard kasi I wanted to describe the huge gecko as a “baby bayawak.”

  3. Sabi nga ni Bo Derek, “Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness, simply didn’t know where to go shopping.” 🙂
    Mas cute yung gecko sandals. You know what, kagabi, I was about to shower, tapos I saw a huge tell-tale poop, parang lizard poop but way bigger — makita ko, a huge gecko was on the wall. Ang laki talaga. The biggest I’ve seen. LOL! Nagsisisigaw talaga ako sa takot. Madulas kasi yung tiles ng wall. I was worried na baka madulas sya and bumagsak sa akin.

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