Kuya Germs and Slumber

Everyone who has had insomnia at one time or other and turned on the TV near or past midnight to GMA7 must have heard Kuya Germs shout, “Walang tulugan!” Such missive has had several repercussions, including this post from the professional heckler on FB:


Last night, as I was checking twitter posts, I saw this bit of info below and was taken aback/stunned/amused:


Why does he “hate” sleep so? Just kidding. But he’s very consistent, no?


4 thoughts on “Kuya Germs and Slumber

  1. Hahaha. By the way, serious question: do fish sleep when they lie on their side? We saw some we thought were dead because they were immobile. Then they moved. Husband said they might have been sleeping.

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