Back in December son brought home a bottle of saffron oil for us, gift of a friend. They got it from Epicurious, same floor, he said, as the store that sells different kinds of oil – LG of Shangrila’s east wing.

Last Wednesday, when HHB and I were in Shang, I finally saw Epicurious but was intimidated by its Marche style set-up, went in quickly, got a brochure and calling card, and stepped out after looking at the chiller a bit. Thought it best to go there with husband and son as I found the procedure of ordering a tad complicated.

Yesterday, we finally went. Epicurious is a deli, ergo there are chillers with cold cuts, sausages, cheeses, breads, juices, and meats – some marinated, some not. You choose what you want to eat, have it cooked, cut, or heated, and wait. (Picture I took below shows how quaint, how a bit Marche-ish the set-up looks.)

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 8.10.01 AM


We were behind a man who had 9 people to order for so we had to wait not just for the food  yet but for a chance to tell the order taker what we wanted to eat: husband choose the thigh barbecue, son chose salmon, I chose rib eye. For add-ons we got two mashed potatoes, one paella rice, one plain rice. And then I saw this  caramel pudding and added that too.  But this we made known only after I don’t know how long, after the man of 9 placed his orders. Maybe 20 minutes? After the girl wrote our orders on a slip of paper, we had to line up. This time, we just didn’t have to contend with the man of 9 but someone else who  preceded him. Imagine that, another long wait because the preceding person was asking questions, modifying her orders, etc. Son who had been waiting at our table came over and asked, “wala pa rin?” We hadn’t even yet reached the cashier. While waiting, I overheard another lady asking about a plastic bag of what looked like cheese flavored something. Tapioca, she was told. So I got a pack of that too. I was moving away from husband as he was awaiting his turn and looked at the many kinds of bread: sourdough, ciabatta, english muffins(?) etc. Finally it was our turn to pay. Order taker had forgotten to list down the paella rice so it was added. It might as well not have been because while it did have a few chorizo bits, it was not worthy of the name. Oh well.

As we waited for our order (son said we had been there an hour), I suggested that son get bread after he pointed out some tables had it. I knew he was hungry so even if he said “no more na” I said to get some. He placed an order of bread, cheese and salami that ran up to P700, half of our bill for lunch. He chose manchego which cost P400, that’s why. Again he got antsy because the platter he ordered was taking a while. He surmised that the bread was being reheated, the cheese sliced. His order did arrive after a bit. No wonder it took a while. The cheese was cubed rather than just sliced. Shortly after, the rest of our orders came.

The bread was good, so were the manchego and salami. I liked husband’s barbecue the best of the entrees, very tasty. I could order it raw takeout to be cooked at home and be happy. Salmon of son was a tad dry, no sauce there. Just salt, pepper and herbs? But because he ordered mashed po like I did, we each had a tiny cup of gravy. Our orders also came with two slices of carrots and two baguio beans. My steak was prepared with just salt and pepper, no gravy there. Not bad but tough in many portions. Ligaments? The best part of the entire meal was the bread pudding, making me decide that if we go to Epicurious again, it will be for the bread pudding. And maybe the cheese, cold cuts and bread.

Some photos:

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 8.11.46 AM Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 8.11.29 AM Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 8.10.15 AMThe cheese tapioca pearls are very tasty. I thought they were cornicks at first, but not so. They also have barbecue flavored. Next time. A pack costs P65 or P75.


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