Not much in common

Soon the clan or a portion of it is having a gathering. Of the number going, I am the runt, okay not literally because according to wikipedia, joke, the dictionary, a runt is an animal that is smaller than average – which description doesn’t suit me at all, but does if you think of runt in a derogatory manner. Well maybe, not really. I’m just looking for excuses not to go.

Why? I’ve been to some gatherings (not Magic, the Gathering – corny joke) where i get so bored I wished I’d not left home and watched Koreanovelas instead. So what excuse can I offer?

Well the car is number coded but see, the gathering is in QC where there’s a window. Shucks, How I wish they had planned to hold it in Makati or Las Pinas.

And one of those going texted last night to ask why I’m not (there’s a FB group page where people update attendance) and I haven’t answered her. I should because it’s bad manners to ignore a text message from someone who’s not an enemy or not selling something, right?

Do I pray to the Holy Spirit for inspiration? Does the Holy Spirit read my blog posts?

Or should I just go and get it done? And behave like the rest of the furniture in the room?

Maybe I’m just lazy, maybe it’s because I am an introvert, maybe…. I’d rather watch a telenovela really. Or the Ryzza Mae show at 11:30 a.m., then Eat Bulaga later.

I like to have pictures in my post so I googled “inspiration” under images. Here are my favorites or at least three of them that seem apt:


So which doesn’t belong to the set? Alin, alin, alin ang naiba? Isipin kung alin ang naiba?

Now I wonder why the runt was put up with the rest of the images under “inspiration”.

Does it mean that opening a bird cage is an inspired move?

I’m puzzled.



4 thoughts on “Not much in common

  1. I was just kidding. 🙂
    Re our reasons, well, for one, I’m uncomfortable with so many people. It takes a lot from me. As in napapagod ako. Another is I find small talk very taxing.
    I’m just glad that I now work from home ’cause I don’t have to attend company parties anymore. I know it sounds too antisocial, but I am social naman to people I like, know, and comfortable with.

  2. TPS, title pa lang di na applicable to you. I thought you might feel alluded to but I wouldn’t have posted this post were you its target. So tuloy ang lunch. In fact, son called from work the other day saying, “Ma I cannot attend lunch with Tita Ellen on Sunday, I’m flying out.” I said it was for next Sunday. Last night we were eating in Kettle and I said to husband and son, conversation there with you and S would be difficult because it was noisy. Husband said, di ba sa Texas Roadside Grill? So it’s set!

    We have our reasons for wanting to avoid gatherings, no? wonder if they’re similar:)

  3. Natawa naman ako dun sa “runt” part.

    I know how you feel. There were so many times in the past, when I was younger, that I’d literally get so sick kakaisip on how to dodge a gathering. Of course, usually, I wouldn’t be able to dodge it at all and had to suffer through the whole event. You can just imagine my sigh of relief pag nakauwi na ako. 🙂

    If you’re having second thoughts sa meeting natin, it’s quite alright. Just let me know, and from one introvert to another, you know that I would understand.

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