Barongs and big men

Years back, after my niece got married in church early in the pm, we went home as the reception was later in the pm. Husband removed his barong and as is his wont, when we left for the reception, he didn’t put it on but just carried it in his hand. When we got to the hotel, as he was about to put it on, he realized he had brought son’s barong, ergo not big enough for him. Luckily we had hired a driver for that day and so husband went back home to get his barong. Whew.

This pm, as is his wont, husband left for the graduation carrying his barong. Actually he must have noticed the barong wasn’t his but HHB said it was – she had had it dry cleaned a week ago, along with son’s coat. So husband left, the barong not yet on his body. He was just in his undershirt. Then I got a text, “This is not my barong. It is too small.”

years of experience (plus the fact it didn’t involve my son) caused me to just call HHB calmly and tell her to go to the dry cleaning shop to check if they still had husband’s barong. In her usual feisty manner, HHB argued it was husband’s barong. It came in the M&S hanger that she brought it in. Aha, so she does that. But seriously, HHB is something else. The barong was too tight for husband but she still insisted it was his. I said “Don’t fight me, fight husband. He’s coming back.” She left. And didn’t come back until I called her.

TPS you will develop another headache here: HHB said the dry cleaning shop was waiting for someone to come with the barong. Come again? I said why didn’t they call? Did someone already get the other barong? Because apparently husband’s barong was in the shop. She said no naman. So why was the shop waiting for someone to bring a barong? I kept badgering her because I wanted to be clear on it. Later she conceded they hadn’t been waiting for a barong to be returned. Go figure.

I now dedicate Fantasia by Franz Schubert to HHB:

Guess what, I learned of this piece by watching a Koreanovela, Secret Love Affair. Yes, I just want to stress a point. K novelas aren’t trashy. 🙂

And why this piece of music for HHB? She never runs out, she’s amazing.

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 4.21.23 PM


2 thoughts on “Barongs and big men

  1. When I pray to St. Anne for the Hhs, I ask St. Anne to pray that I’ll be blessed with patience as well. But sometimes……. yes, she can be really exasperating.

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