I was getting antsy after sandals I ordered online arrived. They are very pretty, no doubt about that, but when my usually neglectful eyes looked, I saw a nick on the foil-like portion of the sandals. And when I looked even closer, the underside wasn’t too pretty. This is the second time I ordered KS sandals from Amazon – the first pair had frayed (straggling) threads on the underside, some glue in the ribbon, etc. but I thought it was a fluke. This new pair is KS as well. Thing is I had it sent to Johnny Air, and Amazon is willing to change it per their website if I send it back. But imagine how costly that will be – I paid JA to get it here, will pay JA to get it back to Amazon, will pay JA to get it back to me. Total cost would be equivalent to a new pair of sandals, right? The “defective” sandals – yes the defect is hardly noticeable but what if it worsens over time? Am I being too finicky?

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 2.07.58 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 2.07.47 PM

Then I recalled how clear nail polish can work wonders. So I called an establishment here in Katipunan after reading up on the nail polish’s amazing capabilities. I asked “Do you have clear nail polish?” Answer: “Acetone ma’am?” I said no, nail polish na clear, walang kulay. Answer: “may nail polish remover kami sa amber na bottle”. Oh my gosh, like my head was spinning already from the disappointing sandals and now this inane conversation. So I said “natural nail polish, yung walang kulay.” The answer, “Check ko ma’am.”

Finally she gets back to me, “Ma’am yung walang kulay lang yung base coat na nail polish”. Ah okay, so that’s how it’s called now. “Chic or bobbie?” I said either.

I guess another word for semantics is “generation gap”?!!!



6 thoughts on “Semantics

  1. You identified it correctly. Yung colorless nail polish, may two types, base coat, which you apply before the actual colored polish, and top coat, which you apply after the colored polish for added strength.
    Were you able to repair you sandals?

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