Dimsum n dumplings and then some

Last week I bought 3 pieces each of siopao asado and siopao bola-bola for eating in the house, anytime. Excited, I had one bola-bola heated soon after. It didn’t taste as good as it used to. No, it wasn’t rancid, it just had a slightly burnt, off-putting taste.

Today, I had the asado reheated. Now this I will wholeheartedly buy again.


A few minutes ago, the phone rang. I answered it and the person on the other end was looking for someone whose name didn’t ring a bell. I asked who she was, guess what she answered? “PLDT”. Okay, now I will use an acronym I used not to like: LOL.


On the fifth floor of Shang’s East Wing is a new store that sells clothes at really low prices, considering it’s Shangrila. I saw price tags of P199, P499, P299, etc. Brand is SHANA, made in Spain. Unfortunately, their XL pants are good for ladies with 33-inch waistlines.


Dropped in at Shelter to buy custaroons and I don’t know what the other thing is called that has custaroon filling. C, help? But Shelter is beyond custaroons. It has so many beautiful items for the house, coffee table books, Christian Lacroix planners, ballpens, magnifying glass, etc. There was a floor cushion with down that sold for P9k. Nice but too expensive. Instead, I got a recipe book: The Complete Bocuse . I always vow not to buy any more recipe books or magazines as everything’s available online but could not resist this – Bocuse is supposed to be the best chef of the century (2011) and his recipes have only a few ingredients… that more than the title enticed me.


Went to Flight 001 on the fifth floor. They have this promo: buy 3 items and get 1 at 20% off. But I didn’t avail of that as all I wanted to buy was a Herschel laptop sleeve. I signed for my purchase (and take note, they ask for your ID) when on our way out, I saw a similar brand of the sleeve with an attractive print. Asked how much it was and it cost P300 less. Man who attended to me said they cost the same before he checked, but he was wrong. I asked if there was a mistake there and he said it was a different collection, what I got was newer.  Owwwws? If I had had more energy I’d have complained more intensely. He did offer me the chance to get the cheaper one but I demurred. I must admit I was disappointed though… why the price discrepancy? One was part of a summer collection, he said; mine was part of the RAD collection. Again, owwwwss?

I’ll check online now.

Aha, they were lying. Check this out:

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 5.43.40 PMThe one on the left was priced lower- it’s part of the Spring collection;  that which I got is part of the RAD collection.

I just called the store with the above info, which I got from the website of the company itself. Talked with Arthur who said it was Elmer who had attended to me. He said he’d report it to the office, while maintaining that the release dates of the two items differed, so the difference in price points.

I guess ignorance is indeed bliss? I shouldn’t have bothered to investigate and let this stress me, I know. Still.

Flight 001’s contact details:

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 5.43.14 PM




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