Eating Korean

There are new items in the menu of Bulgogi Brothers. What I was truly excited about was the sticky rice, which I always see characters in Koreanovelas eat. It’s an appetizer option but don’t take it as an option if you use the coupon as it costs only P150, the coupon is good for P400 at most. So that’s what we did – we got the sticky rice but had it computed, the appetizer we got for free was BB’s version of Bonchon chicken. Not bad. A bit messy of course because it was sticky and the wing part. Still who’s to stop me from using my fingers when I eat chicken wings?

Another new entree was the LA something – it’s a mixed entree of different cuts of beef, cooked bulgogi style: there was a portion of short ribs, another of beef sliced in cubes, and still another that was thinly sliced. I preferred the first two because the beef taste was really apparent in them. IN the last, not so.

That’s all we ordered aside from bibimbap. Leftovers will be dinner. HHA is off in South Cotabato – her aunt is getting old and wants to leave her something, I think.

Thank God plane trips aren’t too expensive so she’ll be back Tuesday. Had she taken the boat, she’d get there tomorrow only, Monday. Whew.


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