I fret easily even if I try not to.

a) This a.m., as we planned to have lunch in Bulgogi Brothers, I got my premiere card for Bistro Brothers from a wallet where I put all my cards. When I found the card in the booklet of coupons, I was alarmed. It said I should log in and it would be activated in 24 hours. Whaaat? And it also said I should log in the receipt that came with the card. That was even worse. Who keeps receipts? I don’t. I got the card in March 1 and there was absolutely no chance it’s still not in Smokey Mountain or Montalban. So when we got to Bulgogi Brothers in Greenbelt, even before we were led to the table, I explained my plight to the manager.  She was equally alarmed and said you don’t have the receipt anymore? So I said, “who keeps receipts?” Later she said she’d see what she could do. And later still she said she could override it. Whew. But I’d still need the receipt number to log in. I asked why. She said so I can join contests etc. Oh well. Lesson learned. Shucks. But at least I got my discount still. And availed of the free appetizer.

b) Son’s flight was at 3:05. Malaysian Airlines so please pray he has a safe trip. Tomorrow he’ll take another trip on the same airline, so please pray again. Anyway, coming from Greenbelt, we took EDSA. And the gods were conspiring against my equanimity. EDSA past Makati was like a dense parking lot– traffic was so bad. And Waze kept saying it could not estimate the time the trip to NAIA 1 would take. I prayed. If not meant, so be it. It was past 12 noon, maybe 12:30. Luckily after some stretch, I saw a heavily populated right side of EDSA and a flyover that had just a few vehicles. And hooray, the near empty flyover was what led to the airport, the other one to MOA. Whew.

An alternative route, a better less nerve wracking one would have been inside Fort Bonifacio – Lawton Avenue. That was the route we took back from the airport.





8 thoughts on “Lessons

  1. Last year, sumakay kami ng MRT on our way home, and we really felt violated. Sorry, I know it sounds so maarte, pero kasumpa-sumpa talaga. We when reached Trinoma, we were all drenched in sweat and had to buy new clothes to change into.

    • That bad? Son was saying before he’d take MRT to and from work; I said to might be okay because you’ll be early but from? I said “I don’t think so.” But you know I’ve two friends whose children take the MRT. I cannot imagine the girl doing so. Sosyal yun. And with your story – that you had to buy a change of clothes? Grabe.

      • I think may time na maluwag, but once the office workers clock out, pahirapan na. I’m not even maarte sa ganyan — nakakatulog nga ako sa LRT eh, but that one time, it was so awful.

  2. I always dread the traffic whenever I’m back in Manila, and reading this only intensifies my dread. I have to chant “I’ll be in SM again” over and over to calm my nerves. Hehehehe!

    Is it a work-related trip again for your son?

    • It is and he’s scared about flying Malaysian Air. Tomorrow he’ll take the same airline to Singapore, he said ba naman, “Sana ma bus na lang kami.”

    • Re the traffic, today, Sunday was a breeze except for that stretch leading to MOA I guess also because Baclaran is in the same direction?

      Traffic is really so stressful. I saw the MRT earlier, it was packed. Son said, “kaunti pa yan ngayon.” 😦

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