Cringe, LOL — take your pick

Last night, HHB and I were on R2 of Power Plant. From a certain distance, I thought I saw Allan K of Eat Bulaga fame. I said “o, si Allan K.” he was with a companion. As we came nearer each other, I was so shocked when I heard a voice say, “IDOL” in a really loud way. Shoooot… It was HHB. I felt like folding up in my wheelchair. AK smiled and muttered hello, but later HHB herself said “ka hilaw sang smile niya.” She noticed. I don’t know why he smiled thus – something bothering him, he didn’t like being recognized/greeted? He wasn’t in front of a camera? take your pick.


Moments ago, this photo grabbed my attention. It was so colorful, I thought it was something like Village People or Hagibis. Shooooot… look at the caption and the title:


Is Mercury in retrograde?


4 thoughts on “Cringe, LOL — take your pick

  1. Ay, how scary. I always think twice about going to SM malls. Once when a bomb exploded in Mega, my husband was there, we (son, HH and I) were in Shang! Another time we were in SM north, as we were leaving, security guards were chasing a car, firearms drawn.

  2. My friend was there when it was happening. She was wearing earphones and didn’t hear the gunshots. Before she knew it, nagtakbuhan na ang customers ng Bo’s.

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