Food, Glorious Food and then…

Yesterday, had lunch at Texas Roadhouse Grill on the sixth floor of the East Wing in Shangrila Mall. This was my second time. The first time, I think I ordered a burger, but I really can’t remember. What I do recall is that it didn’t quite make an impression. Then TPS and I scheduled lunch with our respective kids and my husband. As I know kids to like fried chicken, I thought of setting our lunch date there. I googled to check what might be good to have and The Pickiest Eater mentioned the pork something with cheese. I ordered just that and was in pork heaven. Funny because when the waiter took our order, he asked, “Shrimps or mushrooms?” I was taken aback – wow, really? I thought And then I asked, “pwedeng combination?” He said yes. Okay, so I enjoyed the dish and was so impressed – the mushrooms were not from a can, they were white mushrooms that go at P190 per pack in Rustan’s. The shrimps were equally aplenty. White too and fluffy(I want to say luscious – but I think that is hardly a good adjective for shrimps.) Then the bill came – what I thought were generous portions of shrimp and mushrooms came at an additional hefty price. Hahaha, how naive of me to think the price of the pork was all I had to pay. But no regrets, the pork something was good with the mushrooms and shrimps. The Mud Pie was also very good.


Today someone brought an order of shrimps with the Salty Eggsperience sauce from Shrimp Bucket. At lunch I just had one because I had already eaten the leftover from TRG. Tonight, I indulged and had 3 or four okay, not shrimps but prawns. Minutes later, I saw one hive on my cheek. It was warm. Then another, then another, first on my left cheek, then my forehead, then my right cheek, my left arm, some areas of my chest, legs, etc. Drank Benadryl capsule and Prednisone per doctor’s advice. Also put ice and oh so soothing.

Doctor advised that I go to ER for an injection if I experienced difficulty breathing. I think that won’t be necessary though. Only my upper arm itches now.

That was scary.

My doctor said maybe the shrimp was fresh, but I think not. It peeled easily. I suspect it was the sauce – was it crab fat?

Okay, gluttons beware.

Or maybe my resistance isn’t that great these days.

Pity, I so enjoyed the dish.


4 thoughts on “Food, Glorious Food and then…

  1. Allergy season, I guess. I have been waking up to itchy hives on my face for two days now. At least ikaw nag enjoy muna bago hives, ako with empty stomach pa! Is it spring yet? Haha! Pang four-season, developed country ang fez ko?! Glad to know you’re okay now.

    • Thanks C. May natira pang prawns. Do you think I can eat them pa? hahaha, takaw no? Sarap eh. SIgh. Pwede naman mag Benadryl uli, di ba? :-p

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