Sly and Single Again

Yes, this is a Korean drama that I’ve been enjoying thoroughly at the rate of two episodes a week. I so look forward to the series which makes me la.ugh and smile a lot. The drama/comedy revolves around the life of an estranged couple who are reunited in the workplace with their stations in life reversed: the ex-husband is now CEO of his own company while the wife wins a competition and earns one of two slots to be an intern in the company.

What makes me enjoy the series so much? The antics of the husband for one. He really does go overboard in his overtures to get the attention of his ex-wife but what makes him really lovable in my books is that while it was the wife who initiated the divorce, he never had a girlfriend or partner in the so many years of their estrangement. The possibility of getting a rich heiress’ dad to invest in his company does not make him think twice about giving in to her enticements. Does such a man exist in real life?

The series is not devoid of eye candy; the alter-ego cum assistant of the CEO is so cute, so is the young suitor of the ex-wife.

Possibly, the series will end next week — oops, this week but viewable around Holy Thursday and Good Friday. Do I make the supreme sacrifice and wait for Easter Sunday to watch the remaining episodes? Will I pass the marshmallow test?

The CEO has been appearing in series after series of late, among them The Good Doctor. But he was almost just second lead there.


The eye candy: (eye candies?)



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