It’s near 2 am. I slept for maybe an hour , woke up and am no longer sleepy. Spell odd.

the past days I’ve been working, hence my inactive posting. Ok nothing’s been happening that’s worth posting about either, not that each and every post I’ve made is substantial anyway.

was at Rustan’s in Katipunan earlier and saw items I had not seen before. Like its new enviro bag. Made of katsa that has print on one side. So pretty I want to buy several for no particular reason. Maybe to give to friends who don’t shop there? To serve as a gift bag? It’s P99 a pop. Part of the proceeds will fund a solar something for Yolanda victims. Will post a photo later. Heard someone bought 20 pieces.

got the maple bacon kettle Potato chips. Nothing great. (son likes it)

bought fish balls with cheese from Cold storage and fish tofu. Hope they’re good. Lady there showed me a pack of varied things one could Add to shabby shAbu including. Rabbit head shaped fish cake. A tad expensive so I didn’t get. Shucks look at the spelling  shabby shabu. I better try to sleep.

photo 1 photo 2The bag on top I got from Marks & Spencer. I think it cost more than P200. Liked the design so I got it but when I got home, I realized it had some restrictions – like it cannot really hold something heavy, it cannot be washed, etc.

The one below is the bag from Rustan’s. The straps are well-sewn so hopefully…


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