Customer Service and then some

At Rustan’s last night was Ems, helping out in customer service. She was in a black shirt and khaki pants which are indicative of someone higher in rank than most in the supermarket. Ems is always smiling, very cordial and efficient. Reminds me of Marlon before and Tess, who were with Rustan’s in KAtipunan when it first opened. I’m betting that Ems will be manager sometime soon, hopefully in Katipunan still because she’s such a bright presence in the store.

At Old Navy in Serendra was this clerk on the ground floor. Shucks, I can’t remember his name. He attended to me very sincerely, looking for 2xl blouses, shirts, pants. I apologized that he had to do this but he smilingly said it was his job. Later, a young lady attended to me as well, she was equally pleasant and efficient. Both on the ground floor, around 2 pm? I hope I still remember their faces so when I go back, I’ll be sure to write their names down.

Old Navy at Serendra where Gap used to be is so engaging. On the ground floor are half bodies – the lower parts of a manananggal – no torso and head and they were walking in place. On the second floor is a huge blue pick up; overhead were a plane and I forget what going around. I felt like a child being entertained by those. And the kid’s clothes are so nice. ON stuff are cheaper than Gap, I think? I got three pairs of pants, not made of denim or linen but more like sheer seersucker. A bit long so they’ll have to be folded and resewn or cut and resewn. I wish I were thinner as then I’d have more options. They had no more 2xl cotton blouses on hand, just shirts.


Speaking of size, Muji is another store where I like the clothes but have no luck with the size. If I get anything to wear there, I should get from the men’s section. And they had no yellow polo, just pink.

Speaking of pink, I was in a pink mood today:

photo 1photo 2That blouse is maybe 12 years old – my son was in grade school when I got it. Marks & Spencer. It has cuff links that look like a love knot — is that what they look like? Was thinking earlier that maybe it’s so designed to be worn under a blazer or coat, like a man’s polo underneath a coat? I asked son, do you think this is for men? He said too girly cuff links. the pink monkey is that of my Kipling bag I got on sale from Amazon or Kipling USA, I think. Really adorable.

Speaking of suits, better blog on it in a different post. I know, some of my posts are too long for comfort.


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