photo 5 photo 4 photo 3My son had long been raving about Saboten. In fact he was here when that explosion in Serendra took place. Saboten fare is very much like Yabu’s. But its interiors are so much nicer. In fact, I was about to tell my son that if he has a house someday, he should have it look like Saboten when he said, “When I have a house built, I’ll bring the architect here.” Then when his father came back from the rest room, he said to son, “When you have a house built, make it look like this.”

The food – the shrimp I ordered was huge and yummy, so was the loin with cheese. Son’s miso sauce tonkatsu was good. Husband ordered the tonkatsu with radish which son said he always has. Quite a huge order there it should be shared.

The downside – there was a table with a really noisy group – children screaming, etc.  A bit distracting.

The dessert was good – hazelnut cake or something.


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