My Kate Spade Sandals

Around March I ordered this pair of sandals from Amazon, had it shipped to Johnny Air in New York, which then forwarded the same to me. Unusual for me, but I examined it carefully. On one sandal’s foil-like strap, I saw a nick. Like perhaps when it was stuck onto the sandal, it wasn’t well placed, a bubble developed and a squarish near cut was evident.

I wrote Amazon which offered to replace it if I could send it over. As doing so would have meant spending for postage again, I explained my predicament to Amazon. I was refunded the full cost of the sandals. Very generous of Amazon, even as I said that I had painted clear nail polish on it to contain the damage. Meanwhile, I wore the sandals, nick and all.

Today, I saw the foil-like nick was no more. In its place were patches of foil revealing a jelly-like strap. Horrors. Luckily, I had been refunded by Amazon so I didn’t feel too bad. I proceeded to remove the remaining foil-like material but haven’t fully succeeded yet, especially in the sandal where the foil-like material was intact. But who’d want to use “mismatched” sandals, right?

Will work on it tomorrow.

The sandal as I saw it today, leaving me stunned:


The sandals as advertised in Amazon:


i hope Kate Spade will do something about the stock it still has on hand. Not very good for its image or whatever one calls it, to have sandals that break down the way this has.


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