Healthy Liempo

This morning, in my email, I saw this photo:


You see, I subscribe to which has recipes galore for Philips Air Fryer.

Who won’t be enticed by such juicy-looking meat, right?

So I sent HHA to buy liempo, except that pork belly in Rustan’s is sold in thin slices rather than slabs. Could this have accounted for the difference in appearance between the photos of that blog site and our end result?Regardless, it was very, very good, not to forget, healthier than the usual way of doing liempo in that no oil was used and the fat from the pork dripped onto the pan! Another minus point in our version, though, was that the skin was not evenly tender/crisp but tough in portions. Still, I’d say this is a really good recipe. We must have done a few things wrong, so a reprise is in order.

Incidentally, I didn’t have rosemary added. And since I didn’t have the combined garlic and onion seasoning, I used half onion powder and half garlic powder instead. Also, in lieu of lemon juice we used calamansi as we have a fecund tree in the (what?)* garden.

[*to explain, our neighbor landscaper years back said, “What garden?” when I asked if she could suggest anything for/do our tiny garden.]


2 thoughts on “Healthy Liempo

  1. Thank you so much for trying out my recipe! 🙂 If thin pork belly slices are all you could get, you might want to reduce the cooking time by 10-15 minutes, i.e., 15mins at 160 degrees and then 15mins at 180 degrees.

    Try to poke as many tiny holes as you possibly can, if not the skin will have the tendency to be chewy or tough. I hope you manage to get a larger slab if you can! I’m sure your version was delicious, too!


    • Thank you so much for dropping by, Chrissy and for your suggestions on how to solve the “issues” I encountered. We thoroughly enjoyed dinner tonight!!!

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