Food options in Shangrila Mall

Back when my son was much younger, we’d frequent Tummy Ticklers on the fourth level of Shang. Our usual order would be corn dog, that is, hot dog wrapped in hotcake batter and deep fried. Later, they also sold cheese similarly cooked and cheese with corn. My favorite was the latter most, but it didn’t last long in the menu. The garlic based sauce was also very good. Eating there had become such a habit that the yaya of son once said, “Sawa na ako diyan.” (The nerve?) Anyway, Tummy Ticklers has since left but the Tacos stand beside it then has taken up where Tummy T left off. The sauce still tastes good but is a bit watery. regardless, I still go there for a taste of the past.


Had dinner at the katsu house beside Ikkoryu Ramen in the East Wing. It was okay. Had the cheese stuffed katsu.But if I were to rank the three; I’d rank Saboten first, then Yabu, then the one in Shang. Katsu Cafe in our neighborhood is okay, I rank it fourth.


Had lunch in Maple (Lower Ground of Shang East Wing). i was late so everything had been My favorite of all the items ordered? The bread pudding!!! So don’t miss ordering that when you’re in Maple. The fries that came with the fried chicken were yummy but the sauce had rosemary leaves, ugghhh. Many found the jambalaya too spicy, I didn’t notice, either because my taste buds aren’t sharp or have become inured to things spicy because of son’s frequent ordering of spicy food. The ribs were okay, very tender. The arugula salad was okay, less intimidating than the other salad they ordered which had a mountain of greens.


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