I have been off this blog for a while, I was so busy watching Sly and Single Again and God’s Gift – 14 days. Excuses, excuses. Maybe I really didn’t have anything to write about? But of late, I’ve been checking out a few recipes among them a tilapia recipe and a grilled squid one. I’ve tried having HHA make the first but not the second. I have still to catch an octopus. This morning, I was bent on making a creme brulee breakfast thing from Bisquick (which I subscribe to) when I remembered that I still have dates from I don’t know when and a sticky date pudding recipe that I had tried years back. So here they are, recipes galore:

First, the yummy pudding recipe. The first two attempts I did of this recipe came from an Assumption cookbook. The procedure was less simple, the ingredients just a bit different in terms of quantity. For example, for the sauce, it prescribed twice the amount indicated in the recipe below. That I did follow. I love the sauce. The recipe from this site:


Now for the tilapia and squid recipes. For the tilapia recipe check it out here, do make the sauce. So good:

The squid recipe I got from here:




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