Local Media’s coverage of President Obama’s visit (April 2014)

VM asks Joseph Morong who’s in Malacanang how the weather is there. Hello, is she in a different planet? What kind of answer was she expecting?

Another question – who are performing at the dinner tonight?

Still another – can you hear the protesters where you are?

yet another – Who are the groups waving the flags?

I’m glad no one asked who the protesters were. I’d have died…

No substance in the questions, or not much to be kind about it.

And the people in the studio don’t listen to what the field reporter says nor let him finish. Jessica Soho cut the reporter in Vatican short last night. Sigh.

Okay, another question VM asked – in which hotel will Pres Obama stay? Really? You ask such? Has she not heard of security issues?


Oh and the first thing that caught our attention was the statement of VM that the countries Obama is visiting are those that are undergoing some crisis. The first country she mentioned was Japan which was hit by the tsunami in 2011, then Korea where the ferry sank. DId Obama have anything to do with these? What’s their relevance to his visit?

Mind boggling.


7 thoughts on “Local Media’s coverage of President Obama’s visit (April 2014)

  1. Hahahahaha! They ask the most inane questions, right?! Meanwhile, in showbizlandia, did you see Andrew Garfield’s interview by Kris? Kalerqui! Hihihihi!

    • I was so amused – I was blown away, she said and the child said she fell asleep! I didn’t watch it but read about it. Tama ba? Before Mega also said she watched Lisa Macuja perform na. LM asked, which show? She couldn’t answer. Apparently she was lying. Truth in showbiz? Parang advertising ba?

        • Sayang ang air time sa mga questions nila. I always watch State of the Nation and si Jessica minsan nga she’s not listening esp the episode re Vhong Navarro’s case. But I like Joseph Morong sa lahat ng field reporters niya

          TPS, napaka tactless talaga ni Kris!! Buti na lang hindi siya natapat kay Anne Hathaway 😛

          • Pity no? That they don’t listen to the answers so they can ask more intelligent/interesting follow-up questions.

            That would be fun to watch Kris interviewing an Anne Hathaway type. Blockbuster yun!

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