Just finished watching two disparate ones: Sly and Single Again and God’s Gift – 14 Days.

SSA is cute and light, very entertaining and engaging. The leading man I saw in The Good Doctor where he was second lead but stood out nonetheless. Entranced, I looked for other dramas where he was in and found Paradise Ranch. Oh my goodness, what a let-down. I’ve watched two episodes of PR and am stopping. All he does in it is smile. And the leading woman in PR is too pa-cute for comfort.

God’s Gift has one of my favorite K-drama actresses, I even know her name: Lee Bo Yong – now whether I spelled her name right or not is another matter. Here she’s a working mother who perpetually scolds her child and is so apparently dissatisfied with her that her child notices. This series is riveting, engrossing – so many subplots along the way I got lost occasionally. But LBY’s acting is so compelling and the child is so endearing I watched it through. weeks back, I started to watch this but was intimidated, okay, scared on occasion, I desisted. It was not time for me to watch it, especially because I also started Three Days – a suspense thriller as well. I couldn’t handle both simultaneously. Shortened, GG could be a movie, actually.

The ending reminds me of East of Eden though so…

What to watch next? Angel Eyes, I’ll give a try.

Witch’s Romance is cute. The lady lead is the one in He Who Can’t Marry. She looks a lot better here and not as “gawa” and wan as in HWCM. And she dances quite well. The young male lead here is the third son in … and the younger brother in… I like his characters in all the series he has appeared in – eye candy but not brooding, just good natured cute.

Susan, please fill in the blanks.


3 thoughts on “K-dramas

  1. What a relief to know you googled it — I feel so bad that I forget titles so quickly. Whew. But Susan, the girl in Angel Eyes will grow up to be the actress we don’t like. Buti na lang cute pa rin the adult leading man. Tiis.

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