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Was with friends for lunch the other day and felt constricted. what was I to drink? Initially I was, as is my wont, about to order Coke but the waiter didn’t hear me. Then the one who sat beside me sad, “if xxx(one of those present) sees you drinking Coke, she’ll give you a lecture.” So I decided not to order Coke because I hate being lectured to, although the expected lecturer was several seats away and couldn’t see it anyway. Still for the sake of world peace–

SO I asked for a glass of water. It was clear as day, no frost like sheen on the glass that held it, ergo it was not ice-cold. And it had a lemony taste. I saw the carafe from which it was poured – lemon and lime combined, i think. So I asked for ice. And the person beside me again said, “you still take ice with water? I no longer do” she said, while pointing to her unenticing glass of clear water. But this time, I no longer balked and gave in to her observation. I had sacrificed having Coke for world peace and was hinted at to sacrifice ice? Jiminy Cricket.

So now I know I should limit my social interaction to company that let me be. I know, she was possibly concerned about my health, but what about my simple joys? Right C? I prefer being in the company of friends who enjoy food rather than feel threatened by its consumption.

And guess what? The “admonisher” ordered coffee – doesn’t that have caffeine also? Though I am not sure why she was almost saying I shouldn’t take Coke.


Note, I don’t dislike the person who was chiding me about my intake but I do dislike her doing it. 😦


9 thoughts on “Deprivation

  1. I wish I was there with you. I would have told your admonisher “Coffee??? You still take coffee? It takes out calcium from your body and thus weakens your bones–not good for people who are neither young nor athletic. It is diuretic and temperature in Manila now averages 36C…you don’t want to be dehydrated, do you?” Kasi my friend ka rin na marunong mag lecture. Nyahahaha! >:-P

    • Thanks C. Next time I’ll bring you as my “lawyer”. And at least ako I drink Coke once or twice a day; likely she drinks coffee more often. πŸ™‚ Was in CBTL in Shang last week. Sarap ng blueberry cheesecake, ang mahal ng grilled cheese sandwich. Have you tried both? Was constantly thinking of you while eating there – wondering what you order…

      • What I order? Coffee! Haha! Haven’t tried their grilled cheese…didn’t even know they have na. I usually order tea latte, breakfast set, lemon square, cheesecake (good source of protein, please tell your friend). At hindi ko talaga siya/sila tatantanan–eto pa:


        • Hahaha, ang cute ng meme (tama ba yun ang tawag dun?). Magpaka-cannibal ako no? Eto pa isang hirit – “Buti na maintain mo ang weight mo no? Kung ako naka-upo diyan for many years, tataba rin ako.” Left handed compliment or outright insult? I’ll be optimistic and say it’s the first. Thanks sa link sa 9gag. Dapat i-screen cap ko tapos pag may humirit, sabay show.

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