Angel Eyes

Upon Susan’s recommendation, decided to watch this even if I’m not too enamored with the grown up version of the girl. She has an acting style that’s too cocky but in a happy way. Still…

And I am a bit taken aback that the once ladylike girl has turned so tomboyish; is that what gaining confidence does?

Still and all, the two male leads (though for sure one will turn out to be second lead) are so nice. Dilemma for me – I think the second guy deserves the girl but I don’t want the first one who “saw” her first to be sad. Can there not be a nice girl out there for the first guy?

As this is a series that revolves around ER and emergency situations, I fast forward a lot (I don’t like to see open hearts thumping, stomachs opened up).

Watch this – it’s cute in a heavy way. A conundrum somehow where I am concerned. The girl is the lead of Boys over Flowers.


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