Rockwell quickly May 2014

Yesterday, I read in the blog of The Pickiest Eater that Pepper Lunch has two new offerings: sisig and lechon pepper rice. Asked someone who would know what she’d recommend I try first. She said “lechon”.

So I did. First bite was like eating lechon so tender and freshly cooked. Sarap. It wasn’t served with crisp lechon skin though but with chicharon. Methinks it’s to avoid customers from complaining re chewy lechon skin. Regardless, the laman was so good I didn’t miss the skin at all. On the side they give a cup (1/3 cup?) of lechon sauce; though one can put some honey sauce and/or garlic sauce available on every table. Will be back to try the sisig soon! Incidentally one of the food servers in the Power Plant branch is now the manager – Jeff. He was so welcoming it felt good to be back at PL.

I tried PL’s chocolate mousse. IN the past I liked KFC’s but when I got one in NLEX, the bottom was so tough. PL’s version is so good and moist, up to the last crumb. Hope it stays that way.

photo 3-4


Went to Fabio Salsa for a haircut. I should have been warned-they were closed for their summer outing. Before leaving the house I was trying to call the salon but got no answer. Determined to have a haircut, I contemplated on Basement on the second floor (I want to make a joke of the misnomer but never mind) or Emphasis in Joya. Not sure that Basement was still around, I set out for Emphasis which I had also called earlier. The rates were higher than Fabio’s but well, when one wants one’s tresses cut, who’s to stop one?

Joy took my call earlier and she was so engaging/friendly. Still I wasn’t sure I’d fit in with the chi-chi (chichi? chic?) crowd I heard Emphasis has for its clientele. Blogging has given me some guts, no, not because I’m out to malign but because I rationalize such derring-do by saying it’s in aid of research.

Earlier, when we passed Emphasis around 12:45, there were few people. I thought to myself, Alleluia. But when we got there at close to 2 or a little after, wow, there was a huge crowd. I almost backed out but for the receptionist who was determined to find me a place after confirming that there was someone who could cut my hair: a junior stylist named Jaypee.

Initially I was put in front of a mirror whose table was full of odds and ends – magazines, newspapers, etc. and I was reminded of home – tambakan effect. I thought maybe it’s because I’m a nonentity? Insecure. hahaha. But later, the receptionist came again and said she’d transfer me to a more spacious place and since my husband had left already, it was she who took me to the bigger space near the koi pond. Nice touch there. And there was a pomeranian lightening the place, happily wagging her tail.

Jaypee was very nice without being cloying. We conversed but he was not the bolero type. He asked what style I wanted, etc. And when the receptionist passed, I asked if I could have cleaning for my nails. She promptly found someone to do it.

Conclusion: I will be back. Most everyone was not snooty and they asked what they could offer to drink. Again another nice touch.

When I was near done, I asked husband to come get me. As we left the salon, we saw Edu Manzano alight from a car. EM has this swagger that gives the impression he’s porma/mayabang. But when he saw me looking at him, he smiled warmly. Way to go, EM.

Husband said, “Sana inilonggo mo. Sinabi mo, Bord Vice President or TIto Vice.”

My husband can be so funny.

Why Bord? Watch this:


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