A friend posted several photos of her spring cleaning efforts. Little did I know I’d be a beneficiary.

Tonight, yes, it was 8 pm tonight when a huge box came for me (sent through JRS) that said “HP printer” . Son said, “Did you win a raffle?” I said no. Did you order a printer, a louder “No.” So what was it all about?

Husband was holding the box and said “What do you think this is?” And he was trying to solicit/elicit answers but I couldn’t think of anything. The box wasn’t too heavy so apparently, it wasn’t a printer inside.

Instead it was a loot box: pillow, L’occitane products with a L’occitane Christmas-themed bag, a pen holder (FINO) and a leather card wallet. Plus a card that had someone else’s name from the same person who sent me the box of many nice things.

Do I write and ask her if this was really intended for me? Nah. That would be embarrassing. Besides she had a bigger card addressed to me. Na-ano lang. Nalito. Nakaligtaan. Ang init kasi. 🙂

Yes, ang init!!! No relevance to the post, that’s for sure. But really, why is it so hot? I already had the aircon cleaned this morning. Rain, please come. It’s May already. Take note, rain, I said rain. Not typhoon, not floods. Rain. Just refreshing rain and some cool, comforting breeze. Please.


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