Lutong Macau and then some

Was in Makati so took advantage of that fact and ordered food for delivery from a resto that doesn’t deliver food to QC: Lutong Macau. Son’s office always orders from this place and son has been raving about its hakau (hakaw).  It was indeed very good and straightforward. I wish I had ordered more than just one order of 4 pieces. Next time.

Also ordered yangchow fried rice which was orange rather than yellow. Perhaps the egg the used had a yolk that was more orange than yellow? It was okay but not fantastic. The pieces of the lemon chicken were sliced so thinly I could hardly taste the chicken but the sauce was good. The garlic with spinach, oops, the spinach with garlic was okay as well, and so was the lechon macau that came with gravy rather than lechon sauce. I hope to do a reprise – order from LM and try out more dishes.


At Rustan’s they had several different packaging of cheese with sausage and/or mustard. US brand – Heart of Wisconsin. They were being sold at 30% off, so got a box that had 4 kinds of cheeses and 4 sausages I think. A store clerk saw HHB pushing the cart with the box in it and he asked to check it, proceeded to get a tag after telling us it was being sold not at 30% off but 50%! Hooray. I hope it tastes good. It felt so nice to be so surprised. I just hope it will taste good.


Last week I shopped at Rustan’s Power Plant. I wasn’t told there was a raffle for grocery purchases of at least P3k. But I was given a bottle of Mountain Dew for the junk food I bought. I don’t know which brand as I was instructed to present the receipt to customer service. This pm I got two bottles of Mountain Dew. I still don’t know for which brand.


I learned of the raffle in Power Plant care of a store clerk in Marks&Spencer. She said the raffle was for every P2k purchase in stores and P3k in the grocery.

Price is lovely: economy tickets for four via Cathay Pacific. I haven’t checked the destination though. And just like last Christmas, the tickets issued have your name, address and other contact details printed on the ticket. You just have to sign. Great! Now how I wish I’d win. 🙂 Though I still wish I’d won that studio in The Grove. 🙂



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