Cucina in Marco Polo

We had brunch in Cucina today and it was okay. My favorite was the asado bun, the bun resembling mochi in texture but fried. Husband said its shape reminded him of a fortune cookie. It was very tasty.

I also enjoyed the mango panacotta – very cool and refreshing on a hot summer day. The pizza had veggie toppings but its sauce was quite good. The quiche lorraine deserved all the praises bloggers have heaped on it. Unfortunately the other favorite of bloggers, the lechon kawali, wasn’t available. I tried the rock lobster which was also cited – it was okay and many people had it on their plate. But perhaps serving it with sauce would have made it even better. Son had a small pantal on his upper lip after finishing two pieces. So I stopped at one. Scared.

After eating I asked son what his favorite hotel buffet is. He said Fairmont’s is tops followed by Heat and then Circles. I asked, “What about Spiral?” He said we hadn’t eaten there for so long, he cannot say. Two deterrents to venturing in Spiral: distance and cost of the buffet.

The English chef was very hospitable, scooping the rosti on my plate and asking me what else I wanted. I said ham, so he had someone put a few slices on my plate. He offered roast beef, I demurred. So he told the guy to add more ham.

The beef wellington wasn’t so good because there were bitter portions.

Oh and the duck liver was unavailable, or I didn’t see it. The girl in one of the stations gave me shredded goose and that was good too, spread on a bun.


Incidentally, should you wish to dine in Cucina (pronounced as koo-chi-na, yep I learned that the embarrassing way), do call720-7777 for a reservation. The girl who took ours was gracious enough to ask if we were celebrating a special occasion. Remember how 100 said they should be informed days in advance? Not so in Cucina which asked hours before I did. Nice no? But I said we weren’t really celebrating anything.

There was a sea of red there though, someone’s birthday, apparently.


one last trivia – Cucina has mirrors everywhere, mainly, I guess to make the place look larger. Or is that their intent? Do they want to convey a subliminal message, after all? I realized how big I am while having lunch as I was facing one of the mirrors. Did I slow down? I guess, a little. hahahaha.


Did I say one last above? Here’s a tip husband overheard from the chef: to brush a little olive oil on top of cheese that had dried up. Nice sheen their cheeses have and not tough.


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