Am contemplating on getting an aircon to replace an old one. Area of room: 33 sqm. Existing aircon is a Kolin. After reading reviews on it and customer service for the brand, I decided to call two appliance stores to find out how much a Panasonic is.

Store A’s personnel said the area needs a 2hp aircon. But he said they don’t sell Panasonic 2hp, just 1.5. They had Carrier et al. I asked so Panasonic doesn’t make 2hp aircon? His stock reply, “wala kami.” I asked, kung oorder ako? He said pwede naman kung meron sa bodega. The price he quoted was 50k. The other brands were 41k, he said. Was he really from Panasonic? I had explicit told the call taker that I wanted to talk with the one in charge of Panasonic. But at the rate he was so lackadaisical… And the price he quoted so dismayed me, I almost gave up without finding out from other stores.

But after some time, the thought bugged me so I called Store B. The lady who answered said the place has to be surveyed first so the right aircon (in terms of hp) can be recommended. Free delivery even in Makati, she said. And the price she quoted? P38k. She said I just had to tell her when I wanted someone to survey and she’d arrange it.

Store A is SM Appliance in Power Plant.

Store B is Ambassador in Shangrila.

Do I call Abenson? And Anson?

Remains to be seen but really, what a bummer that person in SM Appliance was. 😦



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