Cooking for Two

I know there are cookbooks titled “Cooking for Two” but is cooking for two per se practical? I always rationalize that it isn’t and thought it was just me and my lazy bones that thought that way.

Two weeks ago, had lunch with friends and I was seated beside one who said she just buys food for her and her husband’s meals. They’re almost an empty nest now despite their having 6 children. That made me smile — my decision to buy cooked food was rational after all.

But not all the time, I must admit.

Son is out again so for lunch I thought to have food delivered. Last night I was watching Mareng Winnie’s show and the guest was a descendant of the family behind Aristocrat. of course, I then craved Aristocrat food.

Back in my youth, Mama would sometimes come “home” to my uncle’s bringing us a surprise treat – Aristocrat barbecue. Or sometimes, one of my sisters would do that. But somehow I’ve grown tired of barbecue though husband can eat it every single day. Like when I ask him, “Where would you like to order?” Before he answers, I either cover my ears or warn him, “not Reyes barbecue please” … Reyes according to wikipedia, just kidding, from personal knowledge is a spin off from Aristocrat. So is Serye barbecue, which played around with the letters of Reyes.

But this time, I was amenable to Aristocrat because last night, Mrs. Reyes mentioned flying saucer. Back in my younger days, we’d have flying saucer sandwiches that had just butter and sugar in them. Maybe Star margarine even. So the prospect of trying a professional made flying saucer was inviting.

Called Aristocrat in SM North. Minimum for delivery – P1k. So big no? But as I explained to my pocket, this will be for two or three meals, except that doubtless, husband will finish his barbecue. What else did I order to reach the minimum? Calamares, seafood kare-kare and flying saucer sandwich.

photo 1photo 2

Verdict – the squid in the kare-kare was chewy/tough. The bagoong was too salty for my taste. The flying saucer had adobo filling, a tad dry. I put mayo. But even before I did, it was also salty. It would have been better with a little sugar added or less salt. The calamares was not that bad but not that good either. Husband said the barbecue tasted a bit different, better than Reyes or Serye, but who’s to say? Best to order all three brands simultaneously for a more accurate assessment, right?

So tonight we’ll have kare-kare for dinner and I guess for lunch again tomorrow? I’ll lose weight because I can only take so much of salty food. Ah, I’ll let HHA add some sugar.


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