have been waiting for Tim Ho Wan to open in SM Megamall Fashion Hall. The wait goes on so in lieu of THW, I checked out what new resto is interesting and open. Decided on OO which is supposedly known for its gyoza.

Fine if you like ginger or the gingery taste. Because OO’s gyoza has that. Pity. But if you are not finicky about ginger, you’ll likely enjoy it. The foreigner (not Oriental) a few tables away from us had one order of gyoza and then another, among other items. He was impressed.

Lucky for us we didn’t get 12 pieces. Instead we got bento trays, okay meal sets that had with them 3 pieces of gyoza each. The main dish in mine was the black vinegar chicken – their best-seller, two servers told me. It was good, tastes a bit like sweet and sour pork in that it also has pineapple chunks, red pepper and dough-coated chicken, like karaage. Husband had the chicken teriyaki bento tray; he gave me a tiny bit but I preferred my order. A tray has miso soup, one triangle each of watermelon and pineapple, 3 pieces gyoza and the main dish.

Also ordered crab croquettes which they served ahead, thank God. It was piping hot and was very good.

Service isn’t that quick but is not agonizingly slow either. Incidentally while my tray came with steamed rice, my husband’s had chahan. I took surreptitious glances at it, hoping he’d offer to exchange. He failed to take the hint. So I suffered my plain white rice. Were we in Kimpura, I’d have ordered chahan but an order of it in OO is P240, good for two or three people. So, abstinence from it.

OO does not have a dessert menu.

Service is friendly.

We arrived at 12:10, only a few tables were taken. Nearer 12:45, more people came.


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