Shangrila heaven

Husband wanted to buy a CASIO GW7900 B1 watch or something. Remember my stories re Time Depot in Power Plant and Alexis in Megamall? Well, we hadn’t given up on the search for it and so ventured to TD in Shangrila.

The lone person who attended to us had product knowledge, impressive product knowledge. He was familiar with the model husband was looking for and said it wasn’t available but cost in the vicinity of P7k (the Power Plant branch person said P17k!). In lieu of what my husband was looking for he showed us several other models which were more expensive, so husband didn’t get any. (Just ordered from Amazon where the model he wants sells at $120. Do the math. I know, I know, Johnny Air will charge me enough to make the total cost as much as if he had bought the watch here. 😦

Husband was also looking for Crocs, not the thong type. I googled Crocs and was led to Zalora which had something similar to what husband has been wearing for years. Except that the size available was 11, husband wants 12. Ever hopeful we went to Planet Sports to check out their Crocs stuff. Alas and alack, PS in Shang doesn’t carry Crocs. The girl suggested we try Toby’s but since we didn’t think Toby’s had it, we didn’t bother. Crocs used to have a store, a stand alone store in Shang. Does it still? I think not, though I may be wrong. So when we got home, Amazon to the rescue. It costs $24.95. True husband had bought it for less than P1k years back because there was a sale then and the color was red. The one in Amazon isn’t exactly like what husband has but it will have to suffice.

Here are the not thong-like Crocs slippers in Amazon:


Husband chose the Baya slide one as its opening is higher. Okay, Johnny Air will again charge enough… but well, if the product is unavailable here, one doesn’t have a choice. So for allowing many purchases unavailable here to be possible, I am grateful to JA.


Got this from Blue Kitchen. I’m disappointed. The peanuts can hardly be tasted. It’s like turon with a really tiny slice of banana. Crunchy and sweet but not much peanuts there. 😦 Okay, I got another piece and saw what the filling was. See, the girl in BK said it was crushed peanuts. But by my third piece, I decided to take a peek. Know that rectangular peanut brittle like candy that softens if it’s old? That’s the filling, ergo it’s more sugar than peanuts. That explains it.



A happy story. We were on the third level waiting for the elevator when husband saw a glass door across the elevator. Like the children who followed the Pied Piper, husband left me and as he was coming back slowly, the elevator door opened. A young lady, very tall and fair, pretty like a model, emerged. I peeked in to tell the elevator girl to wait a little when horrors, I said aloud, “Ay walang tao!” The young lady rushed back, making me think she had mistakenly alighted on the wrong floor. But guess what? She pressed the door open on the wall of the elevator, I thought to just wait for us and she’d ride in the elevator again. No, she didn’t ride with us. She had just rushed back so husband and I could get in.

Beautiful heart there. Just like the old lady in Megamall the other day. The elevator was full. She saw we wanted to ride the elevator. No one budged. She went out. I couldn’t tell her not to bother as she was walking away without looking back. How kind of her. How kind of them both.


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