Work – bane and blessings

This morning, I began to edit the work of a lawyer who quoted endlessly without putting direct quotes in quotation marks although a parenthetical reference was put in after a lengthy lift-off. I was so dismayed. Do I have to tell her she’s plagiarizing?

Then I heard a beep, checked and saw that I was tagged in Facebook by the wife of a former tutee. She posted a picture of her daughter and her husband, the latter obviously teaching his daughter something, he with a pen and a notebook in hand. The wife said that her husband said, “I know that. Miss K taught me that for five years” – or something to that effect. Back in the 80s I had tutored her husband in Algebra and he was one of the nicest ever… .very polite but not necessarily quiet. Good upbringing evident. He always said thank you in his own sosy way. He told me about how he promised his yaya that he’d take care of her in future, etc. When he was working already he visited. He gave my son P20 and brought the family sundaes from McDo. He also introduced his girlfriend, now his wife, that night. When he graduated from high school years earlier, he invited us to his graduation dinner, well, not him, mayb e, but his mom. We went to the venue to bring our gift, we didn’t go in, the family came out to have a picture taken, with me in the car. When I gave birth, his mom came to visit. Oh, wait, it was just before I gave birth. She gave me a prayer book, a tiny one that I held in my hand before entering the delivery room and inserted under my hospital gown while I was delivering my son.

The friendship remains and it is one I’ll treasure forever. Not once did the family make me feel like I was “hired help” – some do, somehow.

My day is made… to be remembered from way back for doing something for someone I grew to care about.

Thank you, Raffy.


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