Lysol and Downy

When I was a kid, what did I care about what cleaning/disinfectant  products were being used, right? But later, as a grown up there was a scent that evoked memories of when I was first in school, in K-B at Casanova in Bacolod. So what was it? The mist from this can, I realized:


Still, as is my wont, I also tried other variants, none of which was disagreeable. So I alternate between scents, liking the yellow very much and the one with a sampaguita or jasmine flower on the can, but really, anything. Maybe except for the orange variant not pictured here and which I no longer see in the supermarket?

Then, a few months ago, I discovered the one with the picture of a baby’s high chair on the can. I tried it out and coincidentally enough, when one sprays it, the spritz comes out as a whisper, gentle Image

Then, a few months ago, I discovered the one with the picture of a baby’s high chair on the can. I tried it out and coincidentally enough, when one sprays it, the spritz comes out as a whisper, gentle like a baby. I’m onto my second  can now, no other variant in between. Maybe because it smells like a baby? Well not really but the scent isn’t overpowering. Happily.

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 8.05.51 AMNow  why this post? Because I hope no one makes the mistake I did. Some minutes ago, I was handed a face towel that had a smell which made me cringe. The first time I had smelled this,  I thought HHA was not washing the clothes and other stuff well enough. I sent a few face towels back for her to re-wash. Then HHB who loves to theorize said, maybe, HHA had mixed the downy with Del of which we had a free sachet, resulting in the not so nice smell. But it was just a sachet of Del, so what gave? I discovered the culprit. This:

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 8.21.13 AMIt is one of the parfum variants of which I had bought a bottle. When I googled for an image, I saw a bottle just like it that had a Hello Kitty pictured but not even that cute icon of my youth will entice me to get a second bottle. Ugggh. In the past, I had tried a parfum variant that was okay, a bit overpowering, but worse okay, although pricey. This one:

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 8.04.15 AMSo now I’m sticking to any of the three below, with Sunrise Fresh most of all. It puts just the right amount of clean and fresh on clothes, towels, etc.



6 thoughts on “Lysol and Downy

  1. Around 2012 pa yata — yes, 2012 na nang una akong gumamit ng fabric conditioner!!! May nabasa kasi ako dati na may health hazard ang mga fabric conditioners. But I couldn’t resist the HK bag tag. I’m a sucker, I know. Hahahaha!

    Yung Del na gamit ko is blue, pero di ko sure if may other colors or kung mas mahal ba, di ko kasi maalala ang price.

    • I see. I used not to use fabric conditioner because I thought of it as added, needless cost though my ex HH told me she uses it. Mas sosy pa sa akin, buti pa siya. Then I realized it really adds a world of difference to how clothes smell and feel especially when son started working. So you use both Del and the HK Downy till now?

  2. Really? When did you get the Downy with HK? I wonder why it doesn’t make the face towel smell good, the clothes smell fine naman. I liked the pinky Downy when the promo person in the supermarket let me scratch and sniff a tela, which was why I got it. But there was no HK thing that came with it. Daya naman, hahaha. Del blue is okay? Is Del more expensive than Downy?

  3. Total opposites tayo sa fabric conditioner; favorite ko ang HK variant (which was the very first fabric conditioner I bought — kasi may free HK bag holder) and Del (blue).

    Parang gusto kong i-try yung Lysol with the high chair. Of all the things I miss in having an infant is the baby smell. Kakaiba talaga.

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