Dining in the Neighborhood

With son out of town and just husband and me with the HHs, it has seemed unnecessary, impractical even to have meals cooked by HHA. She tends to exaggerate so that we have the same food for maybe 3 meals before they are consumed or pronounced  as “please, enough” of whatever.

So for lunch today, I thought of getting food from Xocolat. How so?

Occasionally, I spell grilled food emanating from their place. So once, ever so curious I called and asked what they were grilling. You know what a barbecue fiend I am. The one who took my call said the grilled stuff was Monterey’s, not theirs. But, she informed me, they do have pork belly. Really? I thought they had only pasta and sandwiches and desserts. Happily informed, I vowed to try it soon.

Today was D-Day. Husband ordered hamburger pannini, I ordered the pork belly and for both of us, croquettas with chorizo sauce. Incidentally the pork belly had vegetables which I think is what Popeye eats, but am no expert so … It also came with baked mash potato or maybe not baked but broiled a little? It had a golden hue on top.

The servings are huge but the price is so reasonable. For the sandwich, the belly that came with rice and the 6 croquettas, the bill was P525. Husband ate just half of the sandwich, me, less than half of the pork belly (7 slices, I ate 3) and some of the croquettas.

And guess what? There was a chocolate cupcake with white frosting that came with my order. I thought they were mistaken so I called. The manager said it’s their Mother’s Day promo – for every P500 food bill, I think one is entitled to one cupcake.



I’ve never been to Xocolat itself for a few reasons, though this is the third time I’ve ordered from it, all these years. Why so?

a. there are a few steps to the resto’s airconditioned portion. I don’t fancy eating al fresco. True the ground outside has been paved but the heat…

b. I guess because it’s so near? Like a cousin who used to stay in the campus dorm was always late because the dorm was so near, in college especially, I hardly ate in the restos in Katipunan unless my classmates asked me to. I think I ate in Gold Mine (back in the 70s)just once, to KFC I’ve never been. At Coffee Pot where Pancake House is now, or Xanland, I’d go with my sisters often until it burned down. Know why? IT sold barbecue, delicious barbecue.

To Ken Afford I’ve never been, I just order takeout. But to The Barn of Mariz and Ronnie Ricketts I was a frequent and satisfied customer. Pity it closed down. Katsu Cafe I’ve eaten in maybe thrice. Ninyo’s a bit farther plus the food served in it is too special to ignore. There I can no longer keep track of the number of times I’ve been.

Regis – I’ve eaten at Mom & Tina’s fewer than 10 times but it’s the most I’ve eaten in any of the restos in the building. Ate once at CBTL, the rest not once. I do order takeout though. And of course, La Creperie I’ve been to maybe thrice, Wooden Spoon the most number after Ninyo but not as many times either.

So there. After the satisfying lunch from Xocolat today, I just might order more frequently… I’ll try.

Love they neighbor they say.



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