Finds and discoveries of the mundane kind

Image/ I took this screen cap today, 10 May 2014. Just have to set that right so no one will be misled.


At Columbia in the East Wing of Shang, there was suddenly a girl working at the store. Hurray for women power. Anyway, for the first time, I learned from Krizel that if one has a BDO rewards card or an SM Advantage card, one can get 5% off one’s purchase. Thanks, krizel.

Columbia in Shang has a most efficient person in I don’t know his name, but he’s always behind the cash register. See, a few days ago, husband bought something and asked if it could be inputted in their database so he can get the minimum total that would entitle him to a discount card. That guy did. Husband asked if his purchases in the SM Aura branch were reflected, cashier in Shang couldn’t see them.

The other day we were back at Columbia. The guy remembered husband’s name and confessed he couldn’t still find the SM Aura purchases in husband’s records. And we asked if he could follow up. He called SM Aura and by the time we were about to leave, he was still trying to tell the person there to do something about it. As is usual, he asked if husband still had the receipts. For a purchase made in December?! Holy smokes.


Shang has a fantasy promo. Every P2500 purchase starting May 1 entitles one to a coupon. Pity I threw some receipts already before I found out. Gone are the days when they’d give a flyer in each store to inform customers of raffles. And Shang’s website doesn’t even mention this. Guess what does? IT’s Facebook page. Apparently, Shang knows FB is checked more than other sites:

Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 8.14.45 AM


At Woo Galbi up to 18 May, there’s a promo. If your food bill reaches P1500, you get an appetizer platter which is quite generous. It has fried balls of I don’t know what, maki and one more appetizer. OH here, I found a photo of their Mother’s day promo: salmon balls and two kinds of sushi. Our food bill did not merit this as it was just husband and I who had lunch there. We should go before the 18th. Susan! (If you find a groupon coupon for this resto again, please tell me. Thanks for last time.)

Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 8.10.39 AM


Cucina in Marco Polo has a promo too, for May. Pay for 3 adults, get one free. For the buffet.


And last, a “health” find. I had this zit that started out as an insect bite on my forehead or was it? I felt a small lump. I must have scratched it and before long, a tiny pimple popped out. I tried to get what was in it (pustule) when I thought it had dried up but it only got bigger after a while. Unsightly and prominent so that husband who says he has bad eyes saw it from the door of the room.

I was contemplating on what to do with it. Several options:

a) call my cousin doctor

b) call my doctor classmate

c) leave it be

d) put what I put in my eye when I have a sty

e) put ice

f) check Google

I did the last and there 19 ways to deal with pimples, 5 ways to deal with pimples, 25 ways to get rid of pimples. I read the 5 and wasn’t too happy. Very tedious like preparing an oatmeal paste or something.

Last night, I spoke with C. She said she would put terramycin ointment. The only variant I have is for the eye. C said it might do. I put some last night and saw some pus being extruded. I pressed on it with a cotton bud but not hard enough. Between staying asleep and waking up, I’d remember to press on it with a tissue.

Lo and behold, when I woke up, the pus is gone, a scab has formed and the mound is now flat.

No wonder Terramycin continues to exist despite the various other medical discoveries. And it hasn’t become cheaper at all. It figures.

Thanks, C.

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