Dining at Fairmont

A post-script to our experience in Fairmont last night, to add to this previous post re our Mother’s day late dinner:

a) Before entering the resto, we were asked for our family name. I was wondering why. Then later, I realized what the reason was when I saw the evaluation form. One question asked, “Where you addressed by your name?” Oh so that was it. No wonder I thought I heard one waiter call me, “Mrs. Gxxx” – which impressed me. Foolish me thought, was he here the last time we ate? Funny because when I had filled up the form, I didn’t check yes to that question because I wasn’t sure I had heard right about being called Mrs. G. Then it dawned on me that I was. Gives a nice, personalized touch that. Like when we flew Singapore Airlines years back, I was so touched whenever I’d be addressed so. It felt special.

b) I don’t know if it was just for last night but paying using a BPI credit card meant a 20% discount on the food bill.

c) True, I was greeted HMD by many in the resto last night but I think it would have been good if the hotel had given mothers one tiny cake each. Anyway, when we were about to leave, there were so many desserts still on display. Oh, but they can serve those still today, I guess.



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