This resto along Katipunan Avenue in White Plains has been there for quite a while but until today, husband and I have never been to it. Son has, with friends a few weeks ago.

When I asked him where we could have lunch today, he said, “Basil” and so it was, though I was surprised by his answer, considering that only last night, he had dinner with friends in a Thai resto in East Avenue.

As Basil always has several cars parked in front of it and along White Plains Avenue, I decided to reserve a table for 3. Told them I’m in a wheelchair so the girl assured me they had an area with no steps.

We got there later than our reserved time but there was just one table occupied so it was all right. Whew.

The guard and some personnel from the inside are very attentive. They held an umbrella over my head as I wheeled in from the car to the door of the resto, never mind that it was such a short distance to negotiate. As we exited, they did the same.

Having read reviews of the resto, I knew what I wanted to order. Son also chose his favorites, which were similar to those recommended in blog posts.

So we had tom yum soup. Spicy, we requested. But it wasn’t. It was the least liked among the stuff we ordered.

The catfish salad was good – fried catfish concealed a mound of julienne cut greenmangoes interspersed with casuy. Yummy.

We also had the grouper served with 3 kinds of sauces mixed together. This was a bit expensive (P750) but was worth it.

The Thai bagoong rice was quite good, so was the spicy wagyu ribs which wasn’t spicy at all. What made me cough a bit was the sourness of the salad’s dressing but only for a brief spell

The dessert – sticky rice with mango – was very refreshing.

Will we go back? Likely so.

Some negatives though, one of which is specific to my condition:

I get out of the van from the back, down a portable ramp. In Basil, right beyond the gravel where the cars are parked is the busy Katipunan Avenue. So we had to ask the guard to please watch out for cars that might hit us as I got out of the van.

It being summer, where we sat was a tad hot. Aircon was on but I caught myself using my fan occasionally.

Otherwise, Basil is a happy and satisfying experience. Service cannot be faulted. The food too.


photo2 (1)

photo4photo1 (1)



4 thoughts on “Basil

    • Crispy catfish salad – namit. We brought home the leftover salad and even if the catfish wasn’t crisp anymore, the flavors were still there.

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