I had been seeing Spam Tocino on FB for months now but as I hardly go to the grocery – okay once a month of late – I didn’t see it till the last time I went a few weeks ago. At first I was hesitant – I just didn’t think it would taste right, but HHB pointed it out to me and so I said okay, one can. This morning, husband ate ahead of me and said the meat loaf is  okay. I said, “meat loaf?” I know I haven’t made one in a long while which is yes, what I think meat loaf is, something you make from scratch. He raised a slice and it was a spam slice with an orange-y hue. I said, that might be Spam Tocino. And indeed it was. I tried it and it’s good. Just like if you cook regular Spam and put some sugar on it. Yehey. When i saw it on FB they tagged it as “limited edition”. I hope not. It’s better than Spam turkey which is so dry and without much taste, ergo it’s healthier?

Was checking for a photo of Spam Tocino in Google. Saw that there are other variants: Spam chorizo and Spam teriiyaki (country-specific?). Wonder if those two others will become available here.Image



Watching Roommate now, which is Korea’s version of Pinoy Big Brother except that the participants are either actors, actresses, directors, rockers, etc.

The pairings are cute: a comedian and a big time leading man (Hotel King); the comedian knows English

a rocker (?old?) and a rocker (young)

a model and two young things – one of them a member of 2NE1 and the other I don’t know

an actress and a yikes, I forgot – a yes a dancer, I think

two flower boys, one from abroad

The situations are disarming – the two flower boys played basketball and the one who won kicked the butt of the loser

The supermodel went shopping with her two wards and she taught them how to coordinate articles of clothing

The two rockers went to a lumberyard to buy materials for a table they will make

The comedian and the lead star are practicing a Frozen song so they will lip sync it like the couple did while driving around

The actress was taught how to dance by her ward


Very entertaining, no angst-y moments, ah except one when the actress was being told a story by her ward that made her tear up.

I started with Episode 1 but failed to finish it, I watched Episode 3 and so enjoyed it.

So much fun!


What I wrote above is apparently lacking, maybe even mistaken in terms of their profession – lost in translation? Whatever. Very entertaining really. And revealing: like two of them are in their 30s but still living with their moms. Awwwww…

Another thing, when the flower boys were asked whom between two roommates they liked, they chose the sweet, almost shy one rather than the sophisticate!!!

Here’s the video which the two men will try to mimic:


Mayonnaise – I was almost done with my post on it, an entire post, when lo and behold I pressed on a key and it disappeared. I couldn’t edit-undo and was too dismayed to rewrite it.

Suffice it to say that the thesis of that post was this: when something is lacking in flavor or you want to enhance something, get a tbsp of mayo. Preferably Lady’s Choice though years back, I’d use Kewpie. On what have I used mayo?

Bistek (beefsteak) sandwich

Paella – I tried a recipe in a food magazine and it so lacked flavor, I added mayo as I ate. Sarap. This was aping the black paella of Barcino and UCC’s yakiniku rice, I think. Hardly an original idea of mine. Another alternative in lieu of mayo in the case of paella is all purpose cream, but this only while the paella is cooking (a Nestle Club idea). The mayo, you can add even when the paella is on your plate. Try it.

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 8.46.11 PMScreen Shot 2014-05-19 at 8.46.38 PM

Why did I stop using kewpie? It suddenly tastes like it has wasabi or horseradish – at least that’s what my taste buds tell me. 😦



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