I’ve been wearing then since I was in Grade 3, I’m 50 plus years old now, so do the math. I did wear hard contact lenses for maybe 14 years but always had glasses on standby each time. I still remember the first time I tried on contact lenses with the ophthalmologist guiding me. He was rather stern and a friend of my father’s but that didn’t stop him from chiding me, saying “that’s not a basketball” as I’d try to shoot the lens into my eye. I did learn eventually.

Problem with hard contact lenses is that they could pop out and did in my case, two instances of which I remember: once in college. We were seated on a bench waiting for classes when blink, oops I can’t see. So we crawled on all fours and found the popped lens. Then another time my sister and I were riding a red bus in London. Luckily we were not in the open air portion. Pop. It was on my blouse.

The contact lenses I swore off when on my wedding day, one eye turned red. It was so awful. People thought I was crying, but no, I wasn’t. One of my eyes was irritated. After my wedding I had a new pair fitted but somehow my eyes rejected them and glasses have been my source of vision since. That was maybe in 1989.

My glasses have come in various hues and make. I had white (yuck, looking back, yuck), frosted (yuck again), black-rimmed, etc. I had metal rimmed glasses whose black paint peeled off and I was so sad because that was my favorite. A few years back, when rimless glasses came into fashion I got a pair after months of wondering if I should. When I did decide, the optometrist warned me of the many disadvantages, but see, I wanted to look less schoolmarm-lish during my godmother at weddings stints. Not much success there. I still looked like Miss Tapia.

My excursions at being vain usually end up as epic failures.

Then a few days ago, I developed a pimple behind my ear. In this heat, that part of my anatomy was always perspiring and oily. And that pimple was so painful. So instead of using my pambahay glasses, I decided to use my rimless glasses because of the bar(?) that props the glasses up. The one I use at home has this type of “bars”  that curve downwards and whose tips are covered with rubbery thingies. The rimless glasses have this kind of bar:


Straight, no curve that puts pressure on my anatomy.

My pimple improved yesterday, it wasn’t as painful.

Then last night, the son of a friend asked for a life in Candy Crush. So I asked husband for my laptop and my pambahay glasses.

This morning the pimple was painful again and I decided to get a new pair, similar to my rimless one but with rims up and down.

See rimless glasses if they fall might get dented/cracked at the bottom. The screws can also become loose if you hold them wrongly.

The optical shop was trying to sell me Tag Heuer but it was almost double the brand I chose. Sure it was lighter (titanium material) and wouldn’t slide, maybe, but then while it would mean pain-free days, my pocket would be so pained.


Husband was looking at Ray Bans when I was choosing which pair of glasses to get. He let me try on a pair of shades. Ungraded of course, so I said I wouldn’t be able to see anything, He said just try and look at the screen. I did and all I could see was a creamish hue on the screen I was asked to look at. Then he handed me another pair. Look at the screen again. I could see different colors and details even. What made that possible?

The second pair was polarized so the glare was “removed”.


But I already have shades, I said. And guess what, if I have my shades replaced with graded polarized lenses, I’d spend upward of P15k.

Wow. So no way. Unless I win the lotto.



4 thoughts on “Eyeglasses

  1. Talaga? I’m tempted nga but I prefer shades with graded lenses. If I get polarized lenses (wala pa yung shades), the charge is P15k. 😦

  2. Ibang-iba, right?
    Makwento ko lang. I bought a pair of Oleg Cassini (buhay pa pala yung brand na yun) shades in Ebay. I only bought it kasi the inner rim has a cute zebra print design. Then I wore it when we went to the beach, tapos nagulat ako kasi the colors of sky and the sea became more vibrant. I didn’t even realize na polarized sya (kasi mura ko nabili).

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